Lost Love & Balloons

Kate is broken, because of her ex-boyfriend, who cheated on her. She don't want to do anything at all because of him, but her best friend Melissa forces her to get up and keep living her life. Melissa and Kate are going to a concert, where things happen and her ex appears in front of her, almost screwing up, her life back to hole she have been in for the last two weeks because of him.


1. Talk about a sad story


I were laying in my bed, for the 3d week now I guess, my head were hidden deep down in my pillow and I had the carpet close around my shoulders. My pillow were moistured, for a week or 2 ago it was directly wed. I have now spended 2 weeks crying in my bed, yes! It was school holyday, luckily because then I didn't have to face him, so I felt no need to get up, through my best friend Melissa tried hard to get me up, and do something, actually I think she was the only one who did, even my father didn't bother me laying up here. 

All of a sudden I heard the door break up, and Melissa stamp in, I didn't have to look up to it was her, and she was screaming at me; "Kate I don't care that you had your heart broken, it was his fault. He is definately not worth you'r tears, so stop crying and get up!!" She took the carpet from me and threw it to the floor, I looked up at her, "give me the carpet back." I talked slowly and clerarly to her, but she just shook her head, looking at me, "No way! Now you are gettin' you'r po po out of that bed, get something to eat put a brush through your hair and come with me to the park."

And as Melissa spooke, so happend. We sat at a park bench with a big Ben & Jerrys ice cream to share, well mostly for me, when i tried not to think about him. Jake. The love of my life, yes it sounds cheesey but it is the truth, ruined my life hurt me harder than anyone should be able to, like he took every brick my life was bulid on and one for one took then all down. He slept with another, God, he didn't even sleet with me, he just ran away after a party, where we were as a couple, and took home with Bethany. I filled the spoon with a huge amount of Ben & Jerrys ice cream. I heard Melissa talk to me, but I didn't hear what she exatly said, until she asked me to go with her to a concert in the park next Saturday, I looked at her with spooked eyes, "Melissa you know I can't, everyone knows what happened and god knows what they must think about me." She looked at me "No one cares Kate, they all know it was his fault. Trust me, please come." She looked at me a little, and all of a sudden her face looked amused, I frowned at her. "Well, you'll come whatever you'd like it or not. We are having a sleep over the night before! Just like in old times." She started looking like a little girl.

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