Something Green and Hot Sunscreen

It was in 1969 when Cali met Ray and she found her self doing the unthinkable: running away with him

California Joy Johnson is a back talking, opinionated wild child with non understanding parents and a diva sister who absorbs the spotlight like gasoline to a car.

Once meeting an annoying lost-in daydreams boy during a biology experiment she learns of his idea to leave everything behind and run off to Utah in search of a girl that he once loved and lost. While most would believe of this idea to be foolish, Cali took the chance by its wings and flew with them.

So, In a rash decision, without so much as a name from this boy Cali decides to run away with him and leave everything behind with no identity, chaperones and no idea what the plan even is.

While the boy is looking for a lost love Cali is looking for an adventure and a change of scenery. With secrets, law breaking and utter chaos in California the two learn of what freedom really is.


1. Prologue

Something Green and Hot Sunscreen

(c) Bonnie Hamilton, 2013

Dedicated to all of those free spirits out there.

"Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go."
-T.S. Eliot

Summary: In 1969 South Carolina two different teens unexpectedly meet and decide to travel half way across the country in search of a girl.

- - -

⊰ P A R T  O N E ⊰

It was 1969 in Malany, South Carolina when I met Ray and did the unthinkable: I ran away.

Most love stories begin over a course of some cliche summer scene where two opposites: one very beautiful beach blonde and one mischievous, misunderstood bad boy, end up meeting at the beach.Over a few thoughtful and heartfelt quarreling scenes they see the best in each other, share there first kiss and BAM, love is in the air.

Most love stories involve two people who believe that "fate" is the reason that they ended up together in the first place, most love stories all play out the same:

Boy meets girl...They fall in love...boy and girl keep secrets...some conflict in the middle happens where you question weather their relation ship will last, and in just about every love story the relationship always _does_ last, and they love each other and live happily ever after.

Well... I have never been a huge fan of love stories.

I never could say that I didn't necessarily believe in them...but I just never assumed that something like love could happen to a girl like me, I mean it is pretty obvious that I didn't belong to anyone, especially not some hormone crazed teenage boy. I was a wild child, a free spirit who believed that I could fly.

I loved grass. I loved the trees and the smell of true fresh clean air. I loved the shapes the clouds made and I loved smelling flowers and turning them into headbands. I loved walking around barefooted and petitioned on a daily basis about the pressing issues, because I mean if I didn't protest against the dangerous amount of lead in the school's water fountain, who would? I was free....well, close enough.

I was almost free...well at least I thought that I was, that was until I met him.

I know, sounds dramatic right...wrong.

I never truly understood freedom until I was with him, until we left everything behind together. I thought before that I knew what freedom was...I was wrong. I faced my fair share of near death experiences, so I guess you could say that fate played well on our parts.

I went in search for an adventure and he was looking for true love. If you count police escapes, car stealing, and running for your dear sweet life an adventure, then I got what I wanted. And if you count me as something true to love...then I guess he got what he wanted also.

But not all stories end as perfectly well as most would have hoped for...


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(c) Bonnie Hamilton 2013

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