He Saved My Life and Broke It

Kate and Harry meet 2 weeks after Taylor and Harry ended. She was at a consert and got to go backstage with a VIP Pass from a radio station contest. He saved Kate's complicated life and then something happens that continues a miracle and a heart-broken story. What will happen, find out by reading this fan-fiction.

A/N: I wrote with me in it because i couldn't think of a name!!!


1. Hi! My name is...

April 22, 2013:

Hi! My name is Kate Bobke! I just turned 19 2 weeks ago and I live in London, England with my boyfriend, Harry Styles. Yes, Harry Styles, from One Direction! I met him at a Coffee shop down the street from our house a 2 weeks after Taylor and him broke up. I was and still am a Directioner and was excited to see him! We walked into each other when he was getting in line and he wasn't looking, my coffee spilled all over me and he bought me a new one! We talked for a hour and a half and we gave each other our numbers. We took it to a relationship after 2 weeks of dates!! I met the boys the day we made it a relationship and we recently made it public! He moved into my flat on march 20th. We moved kind of quickly but it is all good right now! I have a job as "Assistant Stylist of Lou Teasdale" for when she needs me and that is one of the reasons that Harry moved in with me. I love Harry and he saved my life from what my childhood was and it is a complicated to tell but lets say it was hard and hurtful for me.

Here is the start of the story, "He Saved My Life and Broke It". Enjoy!

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