Lily Potter and the Enchantresses Girdle

Lily Potter, Harry and Ginny's third child and only daughter is going into Hogwarts and strange things are going on, Lily and her friends Hugo and Lysnader go on their own journey inside of Hogwarts castle which is no less dangerous than when the evil Lord Voldemort roamed the streets looking for followers and murdering every which way. Will Lily be able to handle it all.


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A New Member

     Lysander, Lorcan, and I ran into the corner of the tent, "So you guys want to play some games or somthing?"  I asked playfully.

     "Games, how childish do you think we are, we are now young adults, we got our letters for Hogwarts while you're still thinking about games,"  Lorcan said hurtfully, I looked down at the ground as I felt my cheeks grow rosy.

     "I for one think its a great idea," Lysander said protectivley.

     "Well I for one am going to do some thing useful and productive and go socialize with those of a higher class," Lorcan said snobishly.  Loran then proudly strutted off.

     "What a prood,"  Lysnder said as he snarled at his twin brother.   Lysander and I ran off to find my cousin Hugo who sat bored by his parents and his older sister Rose who was as old as my brother James.

     "Aunt Hermione," I asked sweetly to get her attention, "Can Hugo come with me and Lysander to go play in the marsh?" I asked as I batted my eyes.

     Auntie Hermione than lifted me onto her lap and tapped my on the nose, "Well that depends, will you stay clean and not make a mess of yourselves?"  shae asked as she looked at my sternly.

     "That depends, will you save a lemon pudding for the three of us,"  I asked giving her a mirror reflextion of herself.  My Aunt chucked at this and pushed her forehead aggainst mine and let us all run off.

     "So what are we doing?" Hugo asked me as we ran into the tall golden grass behind the Burrow.

     "I don't know we could hunt for frogs, or chase the rabbits, or um-"

     "I know we should make magical obsacle courses and time each other to see who can come out with the fastest time still alive!"  Lysander exclaimed.  At this Hugo and I exchanged worried glances, most of Lysander's ideas usually ended up with us ethier getting in trouble or getting hurt.

     "Actually think catching frogs is just fine," Hugo said worriedly

     "Okay, suit yourself," he said as he ran into the marsh without us

     "Last one there is a rotten egg," Hugo said as he ran into the marsh along with Lysander.  I started to run after them until my father grabbed the collar on my shirt.

     "Lily I just have one question, I know that Luna was pressuring you about going to Ravenclaw house, and I know that you expect to be in Gryffindor along with your mother, and me, and brothers but you know its perfectly fine whatever house you choose, Slytherin, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, Slytherin, whatever you want," he said.

     I chuckled at his speech,"Dad you said Slytherin twice," I said stiffling laughter.

     "Dear I know that just remember that daddy's reputation hangs in the balance, and picking Slytherin would be good asuming that people don't see it as a dry run," that last part he said under his breath as if he didn't really mean to say it, at least to me.

     Just than Lysander and Hugo came sprinting out of the woods, "Lily , Lily look what we found," they said chanting together as they showed me the frogs they had caught.

    "Lily where were you, we were looking for you for so long, ypu just never showed," Lysander said.

     "Well we'd better go then the dessert is starting soon,"Hugo said as he and Lysander ran off into the tent as I was left in the dust.  I slowly walked to the tent thinking I'd be stopped again.  I turned around in my tracks my firey red hair whipping around my shoulder.

     I sat down with my mother, father, and brothers.  Mum and Dad were sitting with there glasses and chatting waiting for everyone to take their seats, my brothers both James, and Albus were playing on their cellular phones, muggle tech.

     "These muggle devices are so cool," Albus said

     "I know, how do they  come up with these things," James replied, without looking up.

     "Daddy when do I get my phone?" I asked as I batted my eyes.

     "Not now sweety, Daddy has to make announcements," he said as he  stood  up and rang his spoon on his water glass. "I have an announcment to make, everyone," Daddy paused his eyes under his glasses were filled with pride, his peircing green eyes everyone said were justlike my Grandmother's and mine too, " Everyone this is the nineteeth annual Weasley reunion and I am proud to announce that next year we will have another member joining our ranks," my father said proudly. 

     What! this can't be I was the youngest, I was the one who got away with nearly everything, I was the baby! I didn't wan't a younger brother or sister! I felt my face turn red and I stormed out furious and I heard my mother follow me out.

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