Lily Potter and the Enchantresses Girdle

Lily Potter, Harry and Ginny's third child and only daughter is going into Hogwarts and strange things are going on, Lily and her friends Hugo and Lysnader go on their own journey inside of Hogwarts castle which is no less dangerous than when the evil Lord Voldemort roamed the streets looking for followers and murdering every which way. Will Lily be able to handle it all.


1. New Beginings

New Beginings

     I sat at the dining room table at the Burrow, my Grandparents humble abode, toying with my pet Pygmy Puff who I named Patricia who I called Patty for short my uncle George sells them at his shop Patty is a hot pink color, anyway my Grandma, Molly, was making dinner in the kitchen I believe she was making a clam chowder (my favorite ), my parents and brother constantly droned on about how amazing Hogwarts the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was and how excited I would be to be sorted Gryffindor and meet all the teachers but honestly I wasn't excited at all or even worried really its just not something I was looking forwardd to doing, my dad Harry Potter was famous with my Uncle Ron, and Aunt Hermione, my dad married my mom Ginny Weasley after the Second Wizarding War, then they had my two older brothers  James and Albus.  James will be in his 5th year taking his O.W.L.s, while Albus will be in his third year learning more advanced magic, and I'll be in my first year at Hogwarts getting sorted into Gryffindor meeting all my teachers and room mates.

   Lily dear, please set the table," asked my Grandma. I always hated setting the table I wasn't tall enough to reach the cabinet where the plates were so I had to climb onto the the counter-top to get them. There I walked over to the cabinet and placed my foot onto the handle of the drawer bellow and heaved myself onto the counter when my footing slipped up and I almost fell when I felt the warm hands of my Mother cach me as I fell.  "

     "Oh Lily, here," my Mother said as she put me down and reached up and pulled down plates for the entire family, all my uncles and aunts and even family friends.  The doorbell rang and my Mother waved me off as she continued to set the table and I ran off to the door.  Me and my parents were the first ones here so we were still waiting on everyone.  At the door were my Uncle Bill, and Aunt Fleur with their daughter Victoria whom was now done with Hogwarts and was legally a wizarding adult but was taking a wizarding college for accounting, she was planing to work at Gringotts along with her father and mother.

     Time past people came, I answeared the door and sent them to the backyard where we would be eating. When everyone was here I went outside to join the party I saw lots of familiar faces, there was of course Bill, Fleur, and Victoria, there was Aunt Hermione, Uncle Ron, Hugo, Rose, George, Charlie, Percy, and his long-time girlfriend Penelope Clearwater, and there was the Longbottoms, Neville, and Hannah, the Lovegoods, Luna, Rolf, Lorcan, and Lysander, and of course Teddy Lupin came.  I was so excited for the party to start.

     My Grandfather Arthur rose his glass for a toast," To my retirment!" he cheered, "To your retirment," came a chorus of voices in a merry tune.  I wandered around looking for Hugo, Lysander, and Lorcan, who were all my age, when I ran into Luna whom my middle-name was for.  She stared at me blankly as she did often out of nowhere." Hello Lily, how are you?" she asked blankly.

     "Fine how are you," I asked as she examined her glass of champange.

     "Great, just wonderful, your goning to Hogwarts this September aren't you?" she asked quizzically as she put her glass down and stared intently at me.

     "Yeah, yeah I am," I said dreadedly.

     Luna pretended not to hear the tone of my voice and continued on," And I asume you'll be in Gryffindor along with all your reletives," she asked.

     "Well I guess," I said wishing the  conversation would end.

     "Well if I were you I'd ask the sorting hat to place you in Ravenclaw as myself, the cleverest of them all," she said tapping her head and standing up and walking away.

     Then Lysander and Lorcan arrived and we ran off.


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