The front line

Emma is spending the summer at her grandparents. What was supposed to be a boring day turns out to be the journey to her past. She travels in time through a series of notebooks belonging to A. Parke and C. Rexach whom lived during World War 1. What will she encounter in her journey back in time?

That's up to you to find out...


4. Glossary


  Comment osez-vous mettre un Brit putain ici! On est dèjá parti! Vous risquez votre putain de vie! - How dare you bring a fucking Brit here! One is already gone! You are risking your fucking life!


   Tais-toi! Au moins me saluer avant de vous m'insultez. Comment Henri est en train de faire? C'est sa maman va bien?- Shut up! At least greet me before you insult me. How is Henri doing? Is his mom okay?


Je vais vous monte comment un salope bon comportement!- I'll show you how a proper slut should behave!


Monsieur, elle est juste surpris. Vous êtes un gentleman, un Français. Je suis un sauvage britannique, partenettez-moi de la punir de son audace!- Sir she is surprised. You are a gentleman, a French. I am a savage British, allow me to punish her for her audacity!


  Josette, gardez un oeil sur. Il est un ami de Valjean, it doit être soigné. Il est britannique, il mérite la meilleure des femme entre nous ne peut offrir.- Josette, keep an eye out. He is a friend of Valjean, he must be treated well. He's British, he deserves the best woman we can offer.


Français-Espagnol- French-Spanish


Il gémit, it se sent vulnérable!- He moaned, he feels vulnerable!


   Sainte Marie, je veux le sentir entre mes jambes!- Holy Mary, I want to feel him between my legs!




Sainte Marie, Mère de Dieu, priez pour nous pauvres pécheurs, maintenant et à l'heure de notre mort, se souce que dans ce la grâce de votre fils, m'a sauvre, Amen- Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us poor sinners now and at the time of our death, he cares and is in grace of your son, he saved me, Amen





My French is terrible, I had help translating from my cousin and the internet. Originally, the words in French were translated from Spanish, then to French, and lastly English. Still, I hope this glossary helps a bit. 


A.M. Arce


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