Dear you.

This is for the spring picture promo. But then I decided to continue writing.

The lights start to flash. Hard raindrops bring dents into the already washed screen. Lighting flashes followed by thunderous echoes. Lulu opens her mouth to scream, as the car collides.


1. with pink balloons

Chapter one ~ With pink Ballons


Dear you, 

    We haven’t meet face to face. Yet, every night I close my eyes, I dream about you. I can’t wait to truly meet you. When you will hold my hand, whisper in my ear. Tell me you love me. That I am all you ever need.  But right now that only happens in my dreams. Because everything in my dreams is  fantasy. In my dreams I am confident. I am tall, blonde and beautiful.  You see when I wake up, my brown hair greets me each morning. It doesn’t matter how short I am because my legs don’t even work properly. Yet, I know you would  see past all my flaws. You are sweet, caring, protective. You are wonderful. Your smile radiates in my heart. But your eyes, like the sun sparkling on the ocean, forever, I am lost in the pools of your eyes. And when I meet you, you will have not a bouquet of flowers, or chocolates but balloons. Pink balloons. 

Because balloons are different just like me. Just like we will be. 

Forever yours, until we meet. 



Lulu woke to her mom gently shaking her shoulder. Instantly she tensed. Hopping she hadn't talked in her sleep. Her mom just smiled and pushed her sleepy hair away from her eyes.  Her dad came up behind her, he always had a tendency to sneak up behind her. He moved quietly around her mom and carefully lifted Lulu from her bed. Her legs dangled effortlessly which strangely annoyed Lulu. They were so useless. But Lulu couldn't help it. Her dad quickly walked into the bathroom like he always did. Her mother hovered behind waiting for something bad to happen. She only did this because a month ago Lulu tried to stand but she fell. Fell from her bed and landed with a pound. Her mother feared she was trying to hurt herself, but Lulu told her she wasn't. She only wanted to feel something.

    "Lulu, ready?" Her dad said, gently easing her to the chair. Her mother walked around her and started to help her out of her pj. Her dad had left, giving Lulu some privacy. Every teenager craved this yet, for Lulu is was times a thousand.  Her morning was always the same, slow and restricting. Lulu completely refused to stay home, she insisted to go to school.  Today it was raining, it shouldn’t have bothered her too much, but things were different now. It wasn’t easy to navigate through he rain in a wheelchair.  

    "Now, if you have any problems just call me." Her mom reassured her as if it was her first day after the accident. But it wasn't it was just raining. Lulu smiled the best she could and just nodded. Once the arrived,  Lulu's friend Roxie meet her before her wheels hit the pavement.

"Hi Roxie." Lulu smiled as her best friend from the hospital had become her closet friend.  Although the accident lead Lulu's legs paralyzed, Roxie had also been in the hospital that night.  Roxie didn't suffer anything but a minor concussion so when Roxie was allowed to go home, Roxie stayed for Lulu.

    "Lulu you will never believe who is here!"  

    "Who?" Lulu asked moving toward the school, while Roxie held the umbrella for them both.

     "Ryan Jackson! Remember him? I told you he use to live in my neighborhood. His family lives here now. He wants to hang out and meet you!"  Roxie exclaimed as she held the door open for Lulu. Lulu grimaced as the pain shot up her back. She wouldn't tell her mom the pain was bad. But the weather always was effected by her injures.

    "Lulu, are you in pain?" Roxie asked sadness laced in her eyes.  Lulu waved her off with the best smile she could muster.

    "Anyway say you will come?" Roxie asked, yet knew Lulu's answer. Lulu jumped on any chance for living life, instead of being confined in her house. 


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