Crazies & Crushes

Ally's crazy fan girl Jenny shows up and follows Ally everywhere but Adam helps Jenny get over her obsession and when he sees the real her he develops a crush on her and asks Austin to help him get her sequel to Fake Dates & Fan Pages


1. Fan girls & Feathers

Adam: why is Ally outside

Austin: she's in the practice room 

(Austin and Adam look at each other) 

Austin: two Allys? (Faints)

(The girl walks in she's dressed like Ally and has her hair the same style as Ally) 

Jenny: hey I'm Jenny 

Adam: well that's weird cause you look like Ally 

Jenny: Ally! Where is she? 

Ally: (writing in her book) I'm here 

Jenny: it's Ally Dawson! 

Ally: AHH you look like me 

Jenny: I'm your biggest fan 

Ally: I have a fan (Faints)

Adam: dear lord what is this a faint session 

Jenny: I'm absolutely obsessed with Ally 

Adam: why would anyone be obsessed with Ally 

Ally: I can hear you 

(Adam dumps a bowl of feathers on her) 

Austin: why was I on the..... AHHH 

(Austin faints again) 

(Adam rolls his eyes and leaves) 

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