My biggest fear

I was a girl afraid of talking to boys because
They always broke me or bullied me but on a day
I met justin and he was the greatest guy in the world
I was falling in love but with a big fear that he would break my heart


1. Just the beginning

I walked home with my iPod on singing heart attack by Demi lovato an thought I'm so pathetic.

Why was I so affaid of boys?? i just couldn't talk to them because of one stupid boy who gave me the feeling I was worth something and that I could trust him ,then he broke my heart and told all my secrets to everyone he knew. I got bullied for years and I was still afraid someone would hit me or worse .

i walked around the corner when I saw them they  were the boys from school that wouldn't leave me alone and always wanted something from me.

look who we got here Collin said our little toy replied Chris with a scary smile on his face Just leave me alone I said with a lot of fear I just want to go home . Did you really think we are letting you go we are going to play with you for a while NO PLEASE DON'T I BEG U !!! Hahahaha you really think that That is going to help to stop us so come with me NO I cried 


justins P.O.V.

i Walked around the block of my hotel because I had to clear my had for the big show tonight when I heard a girl crying I looked and saw her sitting in a corner with broken glasses an bleed on her face I ran to her and ask what is wrong ?? T-t-they just...... and she cried harder shhh just tell me what happened 


my p.o.v 

I just didn't know why was this boy so nice to me ??boys aren't nice they are al the Same I thought and I cried harder I feel an arm around me and I freeze the boy probably noticed I felt uncomfortable with it cause he said with smile I won't hurt you just tell me what happened  I stope crying and tried to tell him what happened this bullies always want to hurt me and today they hit me and almost did something I just want to forget the boys faced turned red and he said angry I will find them and learn them a lesson they never forget oh

I'm. So rude the boy said what is you're name ehh I didn't know if I should tell him but I said my n-name  is isabell and yours justin he answered  wait ?!?!? I looks at him you you are justin bieber !! Yeah I know aswered Justin but don't worry I'm glad you didn't noticed me at first  I'm so sorry I knew he was justin bieber but he was a boy could I trust him

so this was my first movellas chapter ever you likes it?? 

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