My Short Romance with Potter

I'm in love. With Potter. The most amazing and most popular kid in Hogwarts. But what will happen when he figures out who I am?


1. A Note from the Author

     Dear Readers,

      Although I have done research, I have not discovered the house that Albus Severus Potter was in. Some fan art has made it where it appears he's in Slytherin House. Others, Gryffindor. I, for the sake of this book, am putting him in Gryffindor, my house. If you are in another House, please, do not be offended. As to not exclude any Houses, I have made it to where our main character is a Slytherin, and her two best friends are Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw.

     To make this story work, I had to create a new spell, which will put a person to sleep for twenty-four years. They will not age and their appearance will stay the same. 

     Also, considering, Albus Severus Potter doesn't head to Hogwarts until 2017, this has to be set in the future.

     And now, for our feature presentation... (I always wanted to say... or type that)



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