It's gotta be you

Charlotte and Leah enter a competition, meet and greet to see 1D and something happens along the way. Read to find out if they get to see 1D or not
(Niall and Liam fan fic)


1. The Beginning

 Charlotte pov

It's summer and my friend Leah and I were listening to 1D WMYB on the radio, after the song was finished the person on the radio said "1D are holding a competition and the winner gets to met the boys in NY and have backstage passes to their show in MSG". After we heard what the person the radio said we were fan girling like mad. I quickly got on the computer to enter Leah and I in the competition. 

Leah pov

We heard 1D are holding a competition and we have been dreaming for this chance for ages. As you probably can guess Charlotte and I are big fans.... I won't just call us fans we are directioners, we get hate for it but we don't care. Once Charlotte got the page where competition is to enter we entered as quick as we could. 

Charlotte pov 

Leah and I are directioners, we had to say why they should pick us and we said because we are from Ireland but there is so many girls who 1D from Ireland as well. We decided to add a photo of us both just a extra chance for them to pick us. After we entered the comp we decided to go shopping. I ran upstairs to change. I change into a blue shirt and a white top and my white converse, after I changed I walked over to the mirror. I saw myself a 19 year old with chocolate brown wavy hair that was long, and has blue eyes. I was tall but I wasn't skinny. I ran downstairs to see my friend waiting for me she is soo pretty I am soo jealous of her. 

Leah pov 

when Charlotte came down the stairs she was wearing a lovely blue skirt, white top and she had no make up on and that brought out her natural beauty, she is so gorgeous she doesn't believe me but she is just insecure about herself. I'm 18, I have brown hair but lighter than charlotte's hair, I have crystal blue eyes, I am tall for my age, and I am skinny. We walked down to the bus stop and got on the bus to take us to the mall. 

*skip the bus trip* 

Charlotte pov 

when we got to the mall we went straight to river island, jack wills, hollister, urban decay for make up and looked at different shops for heels. We got home with so much bags as we were away all day. 

*2weeks later* 

I got a letter from the competition and I called Leah as I want her to be with me when I open the letter. Leah got here and I opened the letter and...... 

*author's note* 

hi guys this is my first movellas and I want your honest opinion on the chapter I would update ASAP :) 

thanks xox 


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