When Two Worlds Collide

Becca is a student in her last year of school- she hates it; she's always been picked on by the popular crowd. But when she falls for one of them and he falls for her, her family disapprove because of his bad boy reputation that she doesn't really know much about; until she attends a party with him.. Where will love take them?
**One Direction not famous** (15+)


16. Chapter 15

Becca's POV:

The first sight I see is Harry when I wake up this morning. He's half laying and half sitting; with the cover pulled over him just a tiny bit and his arms folded. He must have fallen asleep during the film like me or something. I gaze at the time on my clock which is sat on my bedside counter. 7:30am. I turn back round to the position I was previously in, lay my head back down and close my eyes again. A loud thump; I'm guessing the door, slams downstairs and footsteps get closer and closer to my room. Knowing full well it's Zayn, when he comes rushing into my door like he usually does when he's annoyed with someone or something, I keep my eyes closed and pretend to be asleep.


Soon enough, my alarm goes off. Harry still hasn't woken- I'll just wake him up once I'm ready. He just looks so comfortable and restful. I step in the shower; wash my hair and body, then once done, I dry myself off and place on all my uniform. Next, I do my make-up. I decide on going natural today and decide on only wearing some mascara and lipgloss- I can't be bothered with it all this morning. As for my hair; I let that dry whilst I go downstairs to get breakfast.

“Did you sleep with him?” Zayn's voice angers whilst he slams down a plastic cup. “What?” my jaw drops. “You heard. Did you sleep with him? He was in your bed.” Oh great, I can't even have friends now. I let out a long sigh, “First of all, I don't sleep with just anyone Zayn. Second, we're just friends and third, how many people do you know that when they've slept together. One is still fully clothed, half sitting up in bed with their arms crossed?! HUH?!” I pause to let him speak but he says nothing. “EXACTLY! NONE.” I raise my voice a little. “Alright. I'm sorry, I just don't want you getting hurt that's all. I'm only looking out for my little sister. Sorry- I shouldn't have said that”. “Right. Can I eat my cereal in peace now?” “Well.. No not really”. My eyes roll, “What is it now?” “Did you hear me this morning, banging about?” I nod, “Couldn't really miss it. Why?” “I found out Becca. Joe sent me a text explaining yesterday at school. With you and Louis” his head shakes whilst his eyes widen at me. “Mm, what about it?” “What did he want?” “Nothing. Just being annoying and an idiot. Nothing to worry about” I force a smile whilst taking my bowl to the sink. “Except he tried to kiss you. Am I right?” I keep quiet. “You can't deny it. They both saw it Becca.”

“Right. And did you ask them? What did I do?” He stays quiet. “No- didn't think so. Well, just to let you know, he did kiss me but I moved away. I never kissed him back. See? I am over him and you can all stop meddling with my life from now on!” “Becca- WAIT!” his hand grabs mine and pulls me back to the kitchen, “They never told me that. They made it sound as though you kissed him too” “Yeah. They would wouldn't they. But once again, you don't trust me, you believe their little stories and I'm sick of it. I am so done with everyone and everything.” “Becca, don't be like that”. “No Zayn! You don't understand anything with me anymore. We used to be so close and now there's none of that anymore! I'm fucking sick of everything and I want rid of the lot. The sooner, the better”. I don't usually swear. Only time I really do is when I'm either really annoyed or upset. I know I'd stared rambling on so I run up the stairs; my make-up now ruined; shoved my fairly dry hair into a messy bun, cleaned up my make-up and then woke Harry up. “Harry- you need to wake up”. Eventually, he stirs and soon comes to. I'm already running later than usual. By now, Louis and I would have started walking to school together- infact, we'd probably have been there by now. But we haven't done that in about 2 weeks now seeing as the week before this one, we was in Paris. “I can drop you off at school if you want?” I take up his offer seeing as I only have 10 minutes until my first lesson starts and it's a 15 minute drive as it is, let alone walking that- it'd take twice as long.

“Can I suggest something?” I nod, before stepping out of the car. “You don't want to be seen on your own, walking anywhere. Not to worry you even more, but they'll have someone on your every move so if you're not talking to Louis at the moment, it's probably best if I pick you up”. “That seems logical, 4pm ok?” He nods, “I'll be here. Cya' later love”.

“You were 15 minutes late Becca” Mrs.Smith; my science teacher approaches me once I'd taken a seat situated on it's own. For some reason, Josh and Emma are now in this set too. Them two and Joe are sat at the round table at the front. And Louis' sat at the table behind me; also on his own like me. “Yeah, sorry. Family problems. Won't happen again”. “Ok. Make sure it doesn't or you'll get a detention” she walks away. Mrs.Smith is quite a nice teacher usually. Maybe she's being a bit more abrupt with me because I'm always on time or something. Anyway, it's not like I lied is it? Technically, it was family problems that kept me back and took my time away. If it hadn't been for that argument with Zayn, I would have been here dead on the right time. Ok, maybe not dead on. But you get my point. For the first 5 minutes of being here, I don't really pay attention. I've been twiddling my thumbs; deep in thought. It's until I hear Emma's voice chirp loudly from the front, “No. Becca can work with us instead”. I then turn to look up and notice Ethan, Kylie and Dylan infront of me and Louis by my side. I didn't even notice them sit down- we must've been put in groups of 5 to do some sort of activity. Guess I'll find out in a few minutes. “Yeah we can swap one of ours with Becca” Joe adds in. Mrs. Smith gives me a questioning look as if to say would I like to swap. “No. I'd rather work in this group than theirs thanks”. I bluntly reply and shoot a glare to both Joe and Emma. Yes- I'm still pretty annoyed at them; twisting the truth and they're meant to be my best friends! The teacher finishes explaining what we have to do and soon everyone starts speaking and doing as they please. Louis leans down to my ear. “It's because I'm in this group isn't it?” The feel of his warm breath hits just behind my ear, causing my skin to go all cold and shiver. I know he's smirking. He knows the effect he has on me and uses it to his advantage. I can't help but chuckle just slightly. “No, I just don't want to work with them”. “So family problems? Was it really?” “Zayn” I state and also nod; answering both his questions.

After an hour, I'm beginning to lose the will in this lesson and we still have another hour yet. I hate having double science when I'm not in a good mood. It doesn't help that Kylie and Ethan have been jibing and being rude to me for the past hour. I stroll to Mrs. Smiths' desk, "Can I go to the toilet please?" She nods, "Don't be too long". I enter the cafeteria, pour myself a drink of water and walk back out; proceeding my way to the girls toilets. Before going in, I finish my drink and shove the empty cup inside the bin next to the door. I walk into a stall and pull down the seat so I can now sit on it. Everyone's in lesson so I know I shouldn't be disturbed. I take out the substance filled syringe from my pocket and open up the tiny lid on top. I don't usually carry anything around with me anymore and I haven't actually used any drugs for weeks now. Obviously, I haven't been feeling my best this past week and I had these spare ones in my drawer still. Why not use them if I really need cheering up? It's what I was doing when Louis left before so it's not going to hurt now is it? The needle pierces my skin; letting the cool liquid run through my arm and into my bloodstream. Once finished, I throw it away into the bin  next to me and head back to class. Shouldn't take long for it to settle in now.

I avoid eye contact with Louis as much as possible because he'd know by them that I've taken something. "Did you walk this morning?" Louis asks. "No". From the corner of my eye, I see his mouth form an 'O' shape. "So how did you get in then?" "Harry" "And how are you getting home?" "Harry". "I can take you instead" "I'll be fine thanks".

Only 3 hours left now but it is going pretty slow and soon enough, what I'd injected before has already worn off. I hadn't brought anything else with me, only a few pills. So instead, I take a sip of my drink and place the small tablet in my mouth. "Whats that your taking Bec?" Emma politely asks. "Headache tablet".


I'm making my way towards Harry's car. He's leaning against the car door with his sunglasses on and his curls falling perfectly at the sides with a quiff sort of thing at the front and then his head is just lowered a tad whilst he scrolls through his phone. He just looks hot. Like smoking hot. Wait. I shouldn't be saying that! Or even thinking that, I'm still with Louis- yeah I'm still a little mad at him but I can't think like that and especially not about his best friend! Although, I'm not exactly doing anything wrong am I? All I'm admitting is that he is a nice looking boy.. He shoots me a wide smirk once he notices I'm coming his way. "BECCA!" I turn round when Joe's and Emma's voice bellows out my name; both of them running to me. I haven't even sat with them today- I've ignored them. "Wanna hang out?" "I'll pass on that one" a force a fake smile so they know I'm being funny with them. "Well, you're walking home right?" I start to slowly walk over to Harry; walking backwards so I'm still facing them. I shake my head, "Nope!" "Well how are you getting home then?" I point to Harry who I was now only about 3 steps from. "Alright babe?" Unexpectedly, he pulls me in for a hug. "Let me take this for you". He takes my blazer and bag from my hands before throwing them into the back seat. I hop in the passenger side as Harry does so on his side. He checks himself over in the mirror, "Nice day out today.. Wanna do something?" He winds down the windows; letting a strong warm breeze flow through the car and then places some music on. "Yeah, we can do but I'll have to let Zayn know" I sigh. His eyes meet mine and I don't look away. I feel myself turning red as he doesn't look away. His face turns to a concerned look. "Have you taken something?" I shrug- I really can't be bothered to have this conversation right now and I think he catches on when he starts up the car and leaves it be. He has a range rover and it's so nice- luxurious.. Inside and out! Emma and Joe are still staring both somewhat confused. "Oi Styles!" the familiar voice of Louis sounds through the car as he stands by Harry's window. "A'ite?" Harry nods to him. "So where'a you two off to then?" "Was gonna go to the beach. Wanna come?" Louis nods and jumps in the back, behind me. He stands up as far as possible, leans forward and places a kiss on my cheek. Although; he kisses my lips because I move my head on purpose. I know I said maybe its best if we keep our distance from one another for a little while but 1. I'm more confident because I've had two lots of drugs today and 2. I do miss him and boy do I miss his kisses! I just couldn't resist. "Oh. Am I forgiven now?" he smirks how he usually does. "I wouldn't go that far". I bite down on my lip. He goes to lean in once again but I pull away as I realise we're still in the school because there's a hold up at the gate and Emma and Joe are still stood where I left them. I hope they never saw any of that or Zayn will definitely be finding out about this one!


Harry, Louis and myself had a pretty good time at the beach. It's now half 8 in the evening so Harry's taking me home then him and Louis are probably going back to his or something. To be honest, I think I'm slowly but surely coming round to Louis- I'm mellowing to the reasons and I suppose I just can't stay away from him. "See ya soon, bye" Harry tells me as I step down from the car. Louis follows me out. All the windows are shut and Harry had music playing so it's fairly difficult for him to hear what we're saying out here. "I just want you to know I am sorry for everything ok? You deserve the best and I know I'm far from that but I need you Becca.. You're beautiful and I just love you". A smile creeps on my face, "I'm slowly getting over it" I playfully hug him and I can feel his smile widen into my shoulder. "Meet me at the bottom of the road tomorrow morning babe. Night".


Louis' POV:

"Lou.. I think you need to keep an eye on her. A close one". "Why? If it's with these others I already kn-" I'm cut off by Harry speaking over me, "No. There's something more" he pauses. "I stayed over yesterday. We was watching a film when Zayn went out and she fell asleep. I noticed across the top of her legs when she moved-". "Noticed what? And why did you stay over?" "Cuts. And they're new ones Louis. She must be harming herself; there were so many. I haven't mentioned it to her because I didn't know what to say but I thought I should tell you. Oh and because Zayn stayed at his girlfriends-I think.. Well anyway, I could tell she felt uncomfortable staying on her own with this whole situation going on so I stayed with her". I nod, he does have a good point actually. "Well anyway. Then she gets in the car after school and her pupils are massive. I think she took something". "She was acting strange this morning 2nd lesson.." I trail off, "Must've been why she wouldn't look at me. She knew I'd realise" I sigh. "Yeah but if that was this morning, whatever drug it is, it won't last all day so she must've taken 2 lots. Just keep an eye on her alright?" I nod and agree with concern spread over my face. "Thanks for telling me". He just nods his head to show his appreciation of my thanks.

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