Ninja Cats

This is a story about Cats that want to become Ninja's in the battle of Chips.
This is a series on Jim's Holy diary
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1. Ninja's Cats Go MOO!!

Many Cats want to become a Ninja but they end up eating mercury or getting eaten by Bob. They have no choice but to become Ninja's Cats. They aim is to Kill the Holy Bob. The Holy Nam Cat will watch over all my lovely little kitten's. Expect the ones who Love the Holy bob or eat mercury. They train at the Holy Dojo in Kitten town.

Kitten Town is a pretty town. They are hundred's of Kittens and Cats. They all have to pass the Kitten test to become Ninja's to fight against the minty Bob and Jim. They have been destroying the town for years and the Ninja Cats. Their most lethal enemies are the Mice and Dogs.  They have been fighting for years now. They can never stop fighting!!

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