Life in Technicolor

Luna seems to have a normal life, she's in love, she goes to highschool, and has annoying parents. But her life is anything but normal. Why? Two words: James Skyler.


1. Introductions

My name is Luna Blanc, All I know, is that in one country blanc means white, and luna means moon. So my name is techically Moon White. Weird huh?

My family have hated colour for generations. Always living in a black and white house, wearing black and white clothes, and forbidding me to socialise with people who dont wear either of these colours. It's funny, because one day, I broke this rule.

Before I tell you about that, I'm going to tell you a bit about myself. I'm tall, skinny, and almost made it to the gymnastics team, if my parents hadn't been so rude and demanded that we wear black and white, I would be on the team, instead of a total outcast. My hair is black, My eyes are grey and I have pale skin. Everyone tells me I'm pretty, and everyone hates my parents, because they'll never be able to see me in a blue dress, or red and purple skirts. I don't care though, whether the school hates them or not, because honestly, my parents have made my life a living hell. They're the reason I can't go to a school dance, a party, and really, it's just going too far. The principal has told me that in my last year of high-school, they're going to hold a monocrome dance, just for me. I'm really happy, that the school is willing to do that, just for me.

The reason my family are assholes about colour, is because it physically wounds them. Touching something with even a tiny dot of colour will burn their skin. Why? Because of a curse. Centuries ago, an evil magician cursed my great-great-great-great-20 something greats-grandfather while he was trying to save his best friend. His friend was wearing blue gloves, and this burnt my grandfathers hand off. When he had children, they carried the curse too, and this went on, and on, for generations. Then it comes to me, who isn't affected. My little brother is, and everyone wonders why I can stand colour. I love colour.

Now, about the story, lets start shall we?

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