Scarlet Vengeance

Jackson Smith, a man with a haunted and doomed past races against the clock to find out what is better than revenge.

(c) Scarlet Vengeance by wreckedhavoc
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1. One-Shot Story

Note : Contains some restricted words (I altered the spellings). I used symbolisms (some repetitions too) here and deliberately made the story a little vague to make it “edgy.” I placed a lot of literary devices here so "deeper" reading might be needed.

And also, the character reference from The Desperate Housewives is purely fictional. Dialogues are in bold (easier to read.)



Scarlet Vengeance
by Regina George


      The only thing that kept Scarlet Meyers from screaming was the pain. She endured it. She needed to. Rivulets of blood were streaming down her smooth thigh, but the pig just kept on pounding. Yes, a pig, Scarlet thought bitterly, he’s nothing. He’s nothing! He can only take my body. Just my body.

     Tears threatened to scald her cheek, but she fought it. She is strong. Her fists were clenched, nails digging her palms, but that was nothing compared to the monstrosity that was taking her.


         “You dirty little btch, ‘ya want this right? Take it. Take it!” the guy that she knew all too well said as he pulled her hair hard. Scarlet bit her tongue, just a few more minutes. I’ll walk away after… walk away like nothing ever happened. He was grunting and moaning. And moaning and grunting. She can’t believe that this guy, this animal was her best friend.


       And this thought finally broke her. Tears streamed down her face, a sob escaping her lips.        


     “P..please… Jackson stop this… Liam will...will be,” a sob, “looking… looking for me,” she said pleadingly but to no avail.  She cried and accepted the fact that she was already defeated. Her best friend broke her. Not just physically. Her sobs racked her body, almost choking her.


         “No one’s looking for you, honey,” he said in her ear, his minty breath flooding her nostrils, “’cause when I say nobody’s looking, I mean it btch. Do you know how many times I’ve fantasized doing this to you?” he asked without expecting for an answer, malice dripping from his voice. But he was right. Nobody came to her aid, her pleads were useless. She was all alone.          


     But she swore to herself that she will remember him and this day. Because one thing that never gets old is revenge.




Three years later


     “I waited at the corner of the diner for my order to arrive. My fingers curled across the beer bottle, crushing the hard surface. Now all that was left was revenge, sweet and bitter. That is a thought you should always remember. No one is safe Linda,” Mona said.


       For the past five minutes, Scarlet has been watching The Desperate Housewives in the little television behind the counter. She prayed silently that no customer would come in during her shift, but hearing the crackling sound of static, her hopes faded.


       “Scarlet! Table Fifty-Five! At the corner booth, go serve!” Caitlyn, the diner’s manager and chef shouted over the mini-intercom. It was one of the busiest Monday night they ever had in their little diner. And the fact that Scarlet’s shift is on a rush hour wasn’t helping her concentrate on watching. She grumpily made her way to Table Fifty-Five.


       “Good evening to you and your,” making her voice a little sarcastic, she continued and glanced at the smirking woman staring right at her, “beautiful company, sir. What is your order?”How many sluts are born every year in the world? When will they be extinct? Scarlet swore mentally.        


     After looking at the menu for quite some time, at last, the man raised his head up. Still holding the menu in front of him, he said, “I am expecting…erm…another company this night, so I’ll be ordering for three people,” he looked at his woman “right baby?” 

     He rattled off their order and Scarlet almost slapped the man in front of her for having such a heavily accented voice, she could hardly understand what he was saying. For instance, he pronounced steak, as “stick” and coke as “cuk”.


     Rolling her eyes, she made her way out of the booth without looking back. She could hear their smooches as they made-out publicly. People like them disgusted her. Without wanting to, she suddenly remembered what happened three years ago. Scarlet forced herself to push out the thought in her mind.


       Just as she was about to hand in the order slip to Caitlyn, the diner door opened. Her heart jumped a thousand leaps upon seeing the new customer. Scarlet watched the new customer walk to Table Fifty-Five, her eyes wide, her lips set into a thin line.


       “What in the name of Christ are you doing, Meyers! Where is my order slip! Stop standing and staring there, I ain’t got no time for that honey!” she heard Caitlyn’s hoarse voice screaming at her from the counter. Embarrassed, she hurriedly gave the slip to Caitlyn and proceeded to the staff’s room to change.


       Her shift was over. Her nice girl pretensions are over. How appropriate, because soon all this will be history. And her lips curled into a wicked smile.    





     “Thanks for the dinner, man! Next time, bill’s on me,” Jackson Smith said over his shoulder as he opened the diner’s door to leave. He smiled to himself as he saw the two lovebirds kissing each other. Those guys, they really are something he thought.


      Whistling, he made his way to his black sedan. Jiggling his keys in hand, he thought about Warner, his three-year old son back at home. His heart warming as he pictured his son’s reaction when daddy brings home a puppy for the first time. The thought made him want to go home immediately.       


     Finally, he reached his car. Settling himself on the driver’s seat, he gunned the engine. Shifting the ignition, he carefully drove out of the crowded parking lot. It was an unusually foggy night, no stars were visible. He chuckled to himself and said out loud, “Since when did I start noticing little things?”

     “Never,” a voice said from behind him, making him freeze and clutch the steering wheel tighter. He started putting pressure on the brakes.


       “Keep on driving, you asshole or I’ll cut your throat,” the voice said again. This time, he was sure that it belonged to a woman. The voice was too feminine and soft. If it weren’t for the knife, he would’ve looked back and looked at his attacker.


       He swallowed hard, “Who are you? You want money? I can give it to you.” She laughed. It was so familiar to him but a thousand thoughts were running in his mind, making it hard to focus.        


     “You think I want money? But I wouldn’t be surprised. You always think lowly of women. You treat each and every one like they’re whores. Am I right, Jackson?” the voice behind him said. She stopped laughing now, her voice was dead serious.

     And only then did he realize who the person was.


     “S..scarlet?” his voice was barely a whisper, but it was enough. She heard it. He could still feel the hard metal against his Adam’s apple. He was panicking, but he hid it. He tried to regain his composure.        


     “Let’s have a little chat, honey. Do you remember what you did to me three years ago?” she asked. He could almost picture her signature smile, but it wasn't the happy one he was used to. He swallowed once. Then twice.


     Letting out a shaky breath, he answered, “I…I hated myself for doing that you know? I tried looking for you but I couldn’t… Like you just vanished from the face of the planet. I even asked your mother and she too, doesn’t have any idea where you were or where you are.” 

     “You defiled me! You took away the goddamn thing that you can never replace! You fvcking stripped away all that made me human three years ago! And you expect me to be a  pathetic person, pretending that I’m okay when I’m not? You son of a btch, I’m stronger now and I had an abortion! You hear me? An abortion,” She was screaming now, her rage and hatred palpable in her voice.


     Jackson didn’t take his eyes away from the road. He didn’t even dare. He just kept on driving, having no idea where to go. From the corner of his eye, Jackson saw Scarlet move to the passenger seat. She’s still beautiful, he thought. He wasn’t lying about anything earlier. He deeply regretted what he did.


     “Scarlet… I am so so sorry…” he replied, defeated.


     “Your sorry is nothing. Did you listen to me three years ago? I was pleading, crying and goddamn bleeding. But you didn’t care right? What were you doing? Oh, I remember! You were moaning and groaning. And you fvcking came all over me. Did that give you pleasure?” she said, seething.


     “Look, Scarlet. I know you’re a good person. We were best friends, remember?” he calmly said, despite the fact that he was panicking. He needed to be straight-headed now. Scarlet is damned unstable, Jackson, maintain your cool. Your lives might depend on it.

     “Were. Yes, Jackson. Were,” Scarlet replied.


     “So if this is about revenge, Scarlet, you better stop it now. I have a three-year old son waiting for me at home!” he felt the sharp edge of the knife graze through his skin, “JESUS H. CHRIST! What are you doing!” he screamed, feeling the blood trickle down his neck.


     But all his screaming and ranting about his son only amused Scarlet. This isn’t Scarlet. This is a monster. A monster I made… He wanted to cry. But crying was a sign of weakness, so he ignored the pain and his inner turmoil and stared straight ahead. They were about to turn on a sharp curve.          


     And then it came to him. Oh god… the curve.


     “Jackson, this is not about revenge,” Scarlet spoke slowly and deliberately. “But you know what is better than revenge?”


     She smirked and grabbed the steering wheel. Jerking it to the left and heading straight for the cliff. Jackson was silently praying that this was all a bad dream, nothing more.


     “Scarlet… Scarlet… no, please. I have a son! You could sue me in court! You could see me rot in jail! Please! Anything but this!” he was pleading now, saying whatever that comes to mind. He was desperate.


     “Oh, Jackson, Jackson. You weren’t listening were you? Besides, I don’t want you to rot in jail. I want you to rot in hell with me forever,” Her stiletto heel dug through Jackson’s shoe, thus adding pressure on the accelerator. They were speeding up, driving straight to the cliff.


     “I asked, do you know what is better than revenge?”


     He gave up all hopes. He just prayed that his son Warner have a good, good life ahead of him. Away from sins. Unlike his father.


     And before he knew it, they were falling…falling… falling… He heard Scarlet saying her final words, “Death, Jackson. Death is better than revenge.”

     And it was only him, Scarlet, and blackness.

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