This will be a diary about the events that happen threw out the day to me. I don't care. Good or bad. I will write it.


1. Day1- April 21,2013

Day 1, April 21, 2013



Today was an okay day. I guess you could say that. I had work at my job and to be honest I didn't want to be there today. I just felt like sleeping. Then at the puppet performance today there was barely anyone there. about 30 people or less. And now tomorrow is Monday and that means school. I honestly don't like school. I absalutly hate my school. I cant wait for summer to come. Mondays to me usually mean tests, drama and to much work. The only time I get to think is when I switch from 2nd period to 3rd. So lets see what tomorrow brings. Good night.


                                                                                         Corrin xoxo

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