Accidental Summer

Read and find out! :)


1. Summer with Aunt CeCe

I've always wanted to travel and now it's my chance, Im going to London for the summer with my aunt! Here in Ohio things are boring and I need adventure which might sound crazy from a 18 year old but I dont care anymore. I am sad to leave my mother but her and her new boyfriend are happy which is nice to see since my step dad died, my real father was abusive and my step dad was like a knight in shining armor, to bad his life was cut way to short. My things are packed and I am ready to go. I am nervous and excited and I dont even know, I just have so much emotion built up inside me. I put my stuff in my car and turn around to see my mother almost in tears.

"Mom its only for the summer!" she gives me a kiss and we say our goodbyes and I head for the Airport. When I get there I amost miss my flight, Im not good at being on time. I make my flight and fall asleep.

When i wake up we have landing I gather my things and get off and search for my aunt.

"Oh look who it is..." I turn and see my Aunt CeCe


"Let me look at you Maura!"

"Come on CeCe lets go" we laugh all the way home and she lets me get settled in.

"Maura, I know you just got here but do you mind running to the store for me"

"No problem" I grab the money and listen and head out. I pop my head phones in and dance down the street, that is another thing i will miss, my dance acadamy. Not paying any attention I fall over someone.

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