It all started with a golf ball......... Fate appears when the boys meet Gabbie, Olivia, and Abby. Will they all fall in love? Will they fall in love with the wrong person? I know the suspense is killing you.


1. Meeting the characters

Abby Roberts:

~Hair: Medium, dark brown air, with natural blonde high lights.

~Eyes: Different all the time.


~Personality: Sweet, Loud, Outgoing, and blushes when nervous.


Gabbie Bates:

~Hair: Long, strawberry blond hair with blonde highlights

~Eyes: Brown


~Personality: Outgoing, but can be shy at sometimes, and crazy.


Olivia Young: 

~Hair: Short dirty blonde hair with blonde high lights, and extensions.

~Eyes:Bluish green

~Age: 18

~Personality: Angry sometimes, sweet sometimes, flirty and keeps secrets.


The Boys:

~You should already know them. 

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