Nobody compares to the stupid girl

Macy Mcqueen runs into superstar Niall Horan. She cant keep her stupidity inside her. Macy has been struggling with Dyslexia for years, since she first started to learn infact. Niall becomes one of the only ones who understands her and doesnt make fun or her, Or atleast doesnt try to make fun of her. Her struggles through life are harder than the others and things turn into drama quickly. ~read to find out the rest!~


1. My daily stroll

  I woke up with a pouding in my head from staying up all night. I had 2 pages of math and 3  of english for homework last night. I was home alone so i had no help. Still surronded by papers i had to take a walk to get things off my mind. I pushed my homework to the side and climbed off my bed to get dressed.Since it is almost summer, i put on my blue tye dye shorts with a gray t-shirt that said " United states marine corps" on it because my dad is in the marine corps. I ran downstairs and grabbed my galaxy vans and slipped them on, i ran out the door. I headed for the place I go when im stressed, the frozen yogurt place next to the park. Weird right? I dont know why but it calms me. I ran in and filled my cup up with the birthday cake flavor. "That would be $3.00" the casheir stated while i handed her my money. "Thank you!" i replyed just before i walked over to a seat and sat down. It was a sunday morning so it was empty other than me and the workers.

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