Our trip to England! *one direction*

2 best friends , Abigal and Gabrielle, move to England. They soon meet the biggest boyband in the world ,One direction. Who will fall in love? Who likes who? Will there be any drama between anyone? Read and find out!:)


1. Meet the characters

   Abigail Roberts- (Abby) Eyes different colors at different times Personality is sweet loving, but not afraid to hurt when she gets angry, loyal, can keep secrets, outgoing, crazy! Hair: Medium dark brown straight hair! Loves one direction, Louis is her favorite!:)



  Gabrielle Bates- (Gabbie) Eyes - a dark brown color  Personality- crazy loud but going but can be quiet and shy at sometimes. Is also insecure. Also, she can get her way most of the time. Hair: long, wavy, strawberry blonde with blonde highlights 






  (I'm not gonna put descriptions of the boys, you should already know!!) 

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