My Love Forever

Lily and Bella have been best friends since they were five. After getting into a fight Bella leaves and when Lily goes looking for her the next day she can't find her. While missing Bella meets handsome brunette Kyle. Will their friendship get mended or will Bella trade Lily for Kyle? Or will Kyle's truth scare Bella away.


1. Chapter One: Nerves worked

“Lilly it’s cold!” I complain to my best friend.
     “Get over it Bella we’re here to have fun.” She insists. Lilly was always a party girl while I rather just stay at home and read a book. Tonight I decided to let Lilly dress me and she put me in a blue dress and black strappy heels. Her outfit is a blood red dress and black heels. We finally get into the club and she wanders off. 
    I walk over to the bar and ask for a coke. I get my drink when all of a sudden I hear someone yell fight from outside. I get up and go outside managing to not get hurt or lost in the crowd. When I get outside I see two guys fighting. I instantly notice them as Mark and Eric, regulars at the bar. 
    I look across thye crowd and I see Lilly cheering on Eric. I can't believe she's apart of this! I catch Lilly's eye and I shake my head disgusted and walk back into the club and take my seat at the bar. Soon I hear non-heeled feet walk over and take the seat next to mine. "Are you okay? You looked kind of mad." I hear a mans voice ask me. I ignore him. Before long I hear Lilly's footsteps and I lift my head up.
    "Why are you so upset Bella?" Lilly asks. 
    "You promised me you wouldn't encourage any fights this time yet I se you cheering on Eric." I explain even though I shouldn't have to. 
    "What ever. I didn't encourage the fight but I know you wont believe me."
    "Lilly I saw you egging Eric on so don't even go there!" I exclaim but she storms off before I finish my sentence. I finish up my coke and I walk out of the bar. After about twenty minutes of walking my feet are killing me. I kneel down and unstrap the heels. 


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