I see the deaths of those around me, I see every stopwatch's end time. My first friend was the one who stopped every one of her friends' stopwatches. I may be next.


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All my life I’ve been bored. I was bored before it was cool. So I did what any bored 7 year old would do, I picked fights. Sure the first couple of times I got my ass handed to me but something strange happened after that. After about 3 or 4 fights I saw what they would do next and the places they were most vulnerable.  It didn’t stop there ether. I started to see numbers, numbers that I would find out what it meant after my first real friend. My first friend was kind and nice, she never lied and she did what she was told. She was my foil, my opposite. One day this other girl started harassing her and I fought for her. After I won I looked in her eyes, what I saw almost made me cry. The darkness and evil they laid behind the mask of cute innocence. She thanked me and took me to her house to eat cookies. The next day the girl walked by and turned her nose up at us. The numbers above her head began to go down. From a number in the thousands, it dropped all the way down to 12. In fact the number became a timer; my first friend stood up and walked the girl around. I saw them disappear into the forest and that was the last I saw of Kimberley Carson, alive that is. They found her rotting corpse two weeks later and behind my first friends crying face, were eyes of happiness. After this, she became popular with her antagonizer’s circle. She still kept me around, I’m not sure why though. To everyone, even my family, I was a sullen girl with no personality, many had even questioned if I had a soul.

       Hanging out with my friend for the next few years, nothing about her changed. To the adults she was kind and sweet. To her friends she was the girl to be. To me it was her eyes that betrayed the façade. They never once wavered with their sparkling malice or utter darkness. Every now and then, a friend would disappear after being mean to the others, or fighting with my first friend. She would always try to bring cookies and other sweet things the day a friend would disappear. She would cry and try to help the others find the missing girl. In the end they would find her in the forest, rotting. After some point they began to find them mostly eaten. Every time some girl would get too close, her numbers dropped. People were no longer people, they were timers and my first friend made them stop.  I don’t know why I never stopped her. It may have been because I was scared. I think it was mostly no one would believe me. I was the creepy lonely girl who was the shadow of a bright, bright light.

          One of the girls I found to be nice, like an escape. She was my second friend. One day I told her, I told her everything. The timers, the disappearances, everything. At first she didn’t believe me but then another girl disappeared. She believed me then. She made this whole place to catch my first friend in the act, it would never come to pass though. My first friend found out that I was hanging out with someone else and she got mad. I didn’t disappear, my second friend did. My first friend went on a trip to Montana that summer. They never found my second friend’s body.  I was heartbroken, my first heartbreak and everyone knew. If the feeling of losing the only friend who wasn’t insane wasn’t enough, the pity killed it. In the end I became a recluse, much like Boo Radley in the book we had to read in the fifth grade. In 6th grade, there were no more. No more of the original group, no more except my first friend and I. Her parents knew this and packed up before their precious angel was next. I went through middle school even more alone. At least before there were people to fill the gap, even if their timers were running faster than they could get whatever singers album. The summer after 8th grade, mom got remarried. My little brother, she, her new husband, and I moved to Montana.  That’s when life became worse. After 3 years, I found both my friends, except one was still alive and the other was dead. I once more saw the Time Stopper and the victim. 

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