Poems of a Bygone Time

These were written during a time in my life when I was quite smitten with a certain young woman.
They were written in a dark basement, usually late at night, when I felt most lonely and desired that loneliness to end.
It only ended when she said she wasn't interested.
When I found that she wasn't interested, and I stopped chasing her, the one that'd been chasing me finally caught up.


3. September 22nd

A deep forest is she,
One filled with secrets and mystery.
To probe her depths could take forever
yet it would prove a worthy endeavor.
For to know her heart is to know her mind,
and then you would know that she is ever kind.
For knowing someone's heart is a step one must take,
should one ever wish to quench the burning ache.
The ache of pain that courses through your mind,
every time you see a love that is truly blind.
The kind of love that surpasses walls,
the kind of love that overcomes all.
To have this love is to be truly complete,
and to throw away the bonds of deceit.


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