9 Pink Balloons & Two Love Birds!

The 9 pink balloons symbolises the true meaning of these love birds. Yet sadly, they do not agree or know if any of these mean anything. Only fate can sort them out.

- Written by: Luke

- However, posted on xxJessxx
Since we wanted to share the account <3


1. 9 Balloons & Two Love Birds*

“Do you happen to know what these balloons mean to us?” I asked with a little sweat slowly dripping off my forehead.

“I’m sure it’s just oxygen, pink is what means something to me Hun”, she replied while her shiny blonde hair glimpsed through the sunlight. I could not look away from her adorableness, even the way she sat had me love on first sight.

“No... It’s actually the meaning for us”, I replied while rubbing the sweat off my forehead. The weather around us, well it just a birds singing really. Yet I could not just report that as a weather forecast. It was more of a warmish sort of day, lots of white fluffy clouds looking down on us. Slowly over casting most of the city, as I watched the shadows disappear into thin air.

She giggled a little, yet I wanted to know her name. Just the way the wind was calling, it felt like I could hear her name. Rather I was dreaming or I was so attracted to a wonderful girl like her. She certainly seemed to have a high spirit. Maybe she said oxygen as a joke, whoa... I may have failed already, I never laughed at her joke! Well this is already a difficult situation. I need to plan my next move perfectly, without me slipping up or ruining this meet up.

“Do you think it’s going to rain today?” she asked me. Her eyes were looking at me; I could finally see her pure blue eyes, with a slight tint of gray. Whoa, she already had me attracted, I can’t resist her. I just love everything about this girl, her breath against me, it felt like spring time growing onto me. Instead of just ignoring her, I decided to answer her question. “I think it’s going to rain tonight, the weather forecast said a chance of snow too”, she giggled again, while slowly looking away from me. The only atmosphere we had were some lovely balloons being blown side to side by the winds.

“So... Do you want to come with me to get a nice latte?” I asked, while moving my lips in the opposite direction. Trying not to rush into things so quickly, a girl like this is like a precious diamond. Yet the only problem is it can move around freely, make its own decisions. Well I guess I am going to need to learn from my mistakes. She actually never giggled, she looked at me again. No longer, watching people just walk past us with interesting to boring conversations. This time I got a glimpse of her ear, which is something I would not really look at most of the time. It was just one those moments where I haven’t seen much of her. She then responded, as I dreamt of her lips in slow motion. What a beautiful sight, at least I thought so.

“Sure, there’s a cafe just over there, we could also get a discount on a breakfast”, her lips closed after her speech. Well I can certainly say it was a short sentence yet in my mind, it felt more than that. I imagined her talking as if it was a speech. If only, I wish it was! She stood up from the curved pavement we had both been sitting on. As soon as she stood up, I could see that she had loose grass sticking to her skirt. Damn it, I don’t even know her name yet. Talk about forgetting the important features. How am I even going to address to her... If this works out that is...

She was now standing, looking up at the sky for a few seconds. I too looked at the sky, holding the balloons I had kept thanks to a friend of mine. The nine balloons were just slowly being carried by the wind. Yet they were being held back, sort of like how I felt... I just hope that she don’t feel the same way, I really want this to go successful. “Come on then, are we going or not?” she giggled while extending her hand out towards me. I responded happily with a small smile printed on my face.

I finally had taken her hand, which was a bit surprising. I thought I would have been too nervous to hold her hand, I guess I’m getting better at this. She slowly pulled me up, allowing me to suppress my focus on my balloons. Which made me relieved, no longer staring at balloons that I was not too sure if she even liked them to be honest? My guess was as good as anyone else’s really. As I was being lifted onto my feet, I caught a glimpse of her shiny smile. What a girl of wonder, I had thought to myself. Her hand felt so warm, I wanted to hold it for more time. I felt so safe with her too.

It was not long until I was pretty much pulled towards the cafe. Yeah, I don’t really remember walking here, I had thought; as I snapped out of my day dreaming, there she was. Still holding my hand, I never even noticed she was still holding my hand. It just felt so normal, like I have done it plenty of times, which is in some parts true. Since when I was younger, my mother held my hand a lot. When we had to, cross busy roads.

Seeking for the next move, I had noticed that this is the perfect opportunity to hand her the balloons. Everything was going so great; I was just hoping she was too, having a great time. Once the drinks were ordered, we sat down together. As I slipped the balloons, strings into her hands. As soon as she was holding them, I held them too, my fingers around her palm. The strings were bonding us together. Thanks balloons, I had thought to myself, as she smiled, I kissed her.

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