Together Forever

This is about 4 girls who are best friends, but what will happen on Taylor's way back from school. Read to find out


16. really again with you

Taylor POV

They had finally found out about my fighting skills or at least Zayn did. I walked down stairs "everybody friends/boyfriends meeting now" they all looked at me like I was crazy or something " did you not here me I said NOW" Zayn knew what I was talking about so he got up and gave them the " get your asses in here now I warn you" look. They all followed They sat down " Uh so you guys now know about Shayla but what you don't know is that I am a black belt in Ti wan do and Karate they lookewd at me with a shocked look and some " really prove it" looks" It looks like some of you don't believe me so who wants to be an example" Harry raised his hand " ok Walk down the hallway run at me and see what happens" he did I punched and then flipped him he landed on the ground in pain. " now anybody else They all shook they're head except for Louis he raised his hand " come at me Lou" he got punched in the side twisted and flipped he also landed on the floor in pain. We all laughed at him then he got up " you should stop being a smart ass to me when it come to beaten down bitches" I said in a sweet voice he just nodded. " now I know what you are all thinking No I will not do it to you unless necessary" they all calmed then there was a knock at the door, and I opened it up to the Bitch" yes" I said in the most sweetest calmest voice I could while talking to Shayla. " I wanted to talk to you" " yes" I want you to fight me whoever wins gets to decide if I get to date Zayn or not" Wait don't I have a say in this Zayn said while coming up to the door. " can I talk to Zayn for a moment" Sure" I shut the door in her face and moved everyone to our room " she's back and she wants to fight for the right to date Zayn" By my evaluation you could beat her in 10 seconds" True but she also to Ti wan do with me she is also a black belt" then they all worried now lets go beat this bitch guys" we walked outside and got the mat from my room that I had for some odd reason never knew why I just kept one "now lets do this shay"fuck" what you mad cause you called me shay not Shayla" ya " oh well lets get this over with" we both got in to our Gi's and started fighting I punched her than she kicked ,me I kicked, puched side kicked, her and she did the same then I decided to end it " flipped her after I twisted her wrist,but she didn't fall out and she caught me of guard and then she twisted me but I twisted her meaning she fell out of the circle" take that BITCH" i said emphazing the Bitch she was ticked and walked of as soon as she was gone we all cheered and then we went out for victory so we caught ready and went to Nando's we all ordered one thing while Niall ordered the whole menu and didn't share it at all that boy is crazy when it comes to food oh well I beat Shayla again.

A/N what do you think? am I doing good with this one ? give me some feedback thanks for reading and peace out peeps 

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