Lunar Colony

Maya a regular girl survives a super nova forced on a spaceship to a earth like planet called kepler 22b becomes friends with a robot from who knows where and falls in love with one and only surviving one direction. Maya also has to defeat all the huntsmen [slaves from earth]. Also has to steal the rock of faith from the evil alien master to wish that the supernova never exploded.


1. lost


     I was at the park reading a book under a tree. My name is Maya Evans 18 years old I'm from Chicago very shy love sports also I had a passion for astronomy .I always thought there is life some where.Everything in the park was calm then I was a bright light in the sky. *BOOM* Then I wake up with my head pounding everything spinning as soon as was ready to stand up I wasn't in the park. Well I had to find my way around to go get home some how or some way.

     I was in a distant place then I started walking then something tapped me it was a robot.''Um who are you.'' I said with fright.''I am cadence.'' It said. '' You might wonder where you are, you are in a planet kepler22b because of a super nova at your planet.So i put you on my ship but now its broken.'' ''How can I understand you?'' I asked with more confidence. ''Well, dear I gave you a drink and that helped your ears to understand my language.'' ''So you cloud understand me?'' I asked curiously. ''Yes with my x pod here's yours.'' He handed me an x pod its very handy actually. ''So is there any more surviving humans.'' I asked ''Yes some peaceful, some huntsmen and some peaceful huntsmen, huntsmen are people who work for xscal the evil alien master.'' Wow this robot knew everything. ''So there a way to get to Earth.'' I said. ''No only if you steal the rock of faith from xscal and wish the super nova never existed.

      ''Is there something I can do.'' A boy with dark hair with a quiff chocolate brown eyes. Then I saw Zayn Malik from One Direction the  Louis, Liam, Niall, and Harry. ''We are peacefull huntsmen.'' Niall said. ''So um what your name.'' Harry said with a wink. ''Seriously Harry.'' Louis said '' First I am Maya Evans and second back off.'' I said a little pissed off. ''8cat noise*'' Harry said while holding out a cat paw. Well stuck in a planet 600 light years away from Earth.


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