A girl comes face to face with the love of her life!She is a fan of one direction


1. really!?

Hi, my name is Lily, i am 16 and the biggest 1D fan! One day, i went to the mall to go shopping, I had my hands full of clothes, trying to not drop them then suddenly i dropped all of the shopping! I kneeled to pick it up when i heard a cute, Irish voice. "Would you like me to help?" I looked up to irresistible blue eyes and a silky blonde hair! Excitement was filling up inside as i tried to hold it in! until i said, "Is that really you, Niall Horan!" He replied back "Sshh, its my day off and i don't want an ton of screaming fans chasing after me!"  "sorry!" i said as i got up! He spoke to me in a calm voice and said" Thats okay! Would you like to go to Costa and have a little nibble?" My head was basically spinning around, Niall Horan wanting to spend time with me! I replied back, shouted with excitement "yeah! Yes please!" So he grabbed my hand and ran to Costa. When we got there I sat down at a table while Niall went to buy us a drink, as he came back he had got me a heart shaped cookie. My heart fell. "Why did you do that?" I said. "Because your beautiful." I almost died. Then I got a twitter alert on my phone! I always get a alert when one of the boys from One Direction tweet! It was niall saying "Spending time with my dream girl, Lily, I wish she can see this! If you can I think i wanna marry you! love ya." I looked up at Niall, he said "Did you get my tweet?" I nodded my head, "That was beautiful!" He said " can i have your number so i can text you!" So we exchanged numbers and went home.

Next Day

 The next day i got a text from Niall "Hey babe, missing ya!"  I replied in seconds saying "Are we more?" He wrote back saying "If you want to be, i would love to be with you!  My band mates wanna meet you so badly, wanna come to my house!?" "I would love to be more and yes im coming now!

When i arrive!

I knocked on Nialls apartment, Louis opened the door. He shouted " Niall your girlfriend is here!" And then he sniffed me. I said " Can i come in?" " Of course" I slowly walked to find Harry and Zayn playing Fifa on the xbox, They saw me and said " hi, you must be nialls girlfriend" I said " Yep, i am!" Niall came walking in a suit, "One table for Nandos in 10 minutes!" I was flattered, "Well niall, you must really like me" And went over to kiss him. He pulled me closer until our lips touched!  

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