Thought of You

Zoey Smith is 17 year old girl. Zoey is has a talent and that is doing hair and make-up. But what happens when someone hires her to be a hair and make-up artist for a Justin Bieber?


2. Chapter 2

Zoey's P.O.V

"So are you like a chauffeur for Justin?" I asked the man in front of me.

"Yea, you could say so." He replied with a friendly smile. It had been about an hour since I had left my house, so I still had about an hour of the journey left. Alexis wouldn't stop texting me. I mean the notification sound must have been annoying the driver, because it was annoying me, a lot. The texts were mostly: 'Are you there yet? Have you met Justin yet? I love you Zoe.' The last one was my favourite. I liked the second one as well. I am a bit bored now. What have I been doing for the past hour? Well, texting, playing games on my phone, watching videos, making faces at people on bikes and staring out of the window. I was thinking about doing a bit of work since I had brought my laptop, but I don't really like that idea anymore, but I just had a smart idea. I'm going to go to sleep, I am actually surprised I hadn't thought of that until now! I rummaged around in my handbag until I found my thick, grey hoodie. I put the hoodie behind my head and tried to fall asleep. ^.^


"Zoey, we're here. Wake up." said the chauffeur lightly tapping my right shoulder. I opened my eyes and sat up.

"Sorry." I apologized, yawning. I sat up, grabbed my phone and earphones which lay on my lap and shoved them into my handbag. I got out of the car and leaned over to get my hoodie and my bag. I smiled to myself nervously, butterflies in my stomach. I probably looked horrible. I had my hair in a messy bun and was wearing black leggings, a white t-shirt, a baggy black cardigan and a worn out pair of not so white converse. I got a small mirror from my bag and fixed my hair. I looked down at my clothes and adjusted my bra which was showing. I put the mirror back in my bag, and lifted it up. I sighed loudly and prepared for something embarrassing to happen in front of Justin. I began to make my way towards the hotel entrance and got a little blinded by the lights on the paparazzi's cameras. I stepped into the hotel, it's so big! I had people helping me with my luggage. A man with dark hair, probably about 30, approached me.

"Hi, you must be Zoey." He said putting his hand out.

"Yeah. I'm guessing you're Scooter?" I asked him reaching out to shake his hand.

"Yes, I'm Scooter." He replied with a smile. Oh my god, I'm so nervous right now!

"I'm sure you're tired so I'll take you to your room." Scooter assumed gesturing for me to follow him.

"Okay." I responded getting a bottle of water from my bag. I followed him up 2 flights of stairs before he stopped and opened a door on his left.

"Oh my god! This is huge!" I said making my voice louder than usual, Scooter just laughed at me. I went into the room and set my bag down on the bed. The view from my room was amazing! I turned around and smiled at Scooter and put my arms out for a hug. He accepted the hug.

"Thank you." I said pulling out of the hug. 

"You're welcome Zoey." answered Scooter. "I'll leave you to settle in for a while. If you need anything I'm in the room across from you."

"Okay, thank you."


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