Thought of You

Zoey Smith is 17 year old girl. Zoey is has a talent and that is doing hair and make-up. But what happens when someone hires her to be a hair and make-up artist for a Justin Bieber?


1. Chapter 1

Zoey's P.O.V

"Zoey!" my mum called. I was sitting in an extremely comfortable position on the couch watching sponge bob and to be honest I didn't want to move. 


"Can you come here for a minute?" she inquired while I assume she was on the computer as I could hear the faint taps of the keyboard coming from the other room. I groaned, I swear I have never felt this comfortable in my whole life. I reluctantly rolled off the couch and completely forgot my cat was sitting on me. "Aw, i'm so sorry." I sat up and whispered while scooping Olly up and giving him a cuddle. I put him down, stood up, stretched out, did the usual grunt  you make when you stretch sound and wrapped the red velvet blanket around my shoulders. I walked very slowly and lazily into the office where my mum was and slumped into a soft, cushiony chair.

"Hi." I yawned to my mum who was typing out some sort of letter. My mum is a very serious, businessy type of woman with a seriousy name. Her name is Colleen, it's not a very common name but I still think it sounds kind of serious.

"Morning Zoe. I need to discuss something with you if that's okay." she asked in a kind tone.

"Yeah that's fine. What is it?" When she wants to talk about something I get 50% nervous and 50% excited.

"How would you like to do hair and make-up for Justin Bieber?" mum smiled at me finally looking away from the computer screen. What? I'm gonna be trusted with Justin's perfect face and hair?! I was trying to say yes but nothing came out of my mouth. God that's annoying! 

"Hell yeahs I would." I said in an English accent.     

She faced the computer again, "Are you 100% sure Zoey? Once I confirm this you can't back out." Coleen informed me in a more serious tone this time.

"Right let me think about this, yes."

"Okay, I'll phone back now." my mum responded lifting up her phone, and dialing a number she had on a scrap of paper. "Hello? Yes it's Mrs. Smith." I think it would be smart if I left the room, so I got up off the chair and went back into the lounge to finish what I had started about 2 hours ago. I think my cat forgave me because he was laying on my stomach purring. I could feel him vibrating from the purr. Did I mention I have 2 other cats? Well I have 2 other cats. I get called crazy cat lady rarely but it really doesn't bother me. That's one of my 4 nicknames. The others are, Zoe-bo, Zoe and Chicken. Not too sure about the last one but anyway. I must have fallen asleep because my mum came in and told me to wake up. Also because Olly decided, 'Hey let's play with Zoey's hair! Yes what a splendid idea!'

"What?" I groaned while trying to open my eyes. 

"You need to start packing." she told me.

"Why, when do I go?"

"Tonight." Coleen answered. Well that gives me a huge amount of time to pack! 

"Okay." I moaned while doing my signature roll off the couch and forget the cat is there move.

"Zoey! Watch the cat!" she said, her voice slightly raised.

I stood up in probably the most awkward way possible and dragged myself out of the room, up the stairs and into my dark cave which I was rarely seen out of. I sat down on the edge of my bed and did one of those long thoughts whilst staring into space thinking where on earth I should start thingys. 


"I'm going to miss you so much Zoe." My mum said pulling me into a long, tight hug.

"I'm going to miss you too mum." I replied ending the hug which seemed to last for minutes.

"Goodbye sweetie, be careful and enjoy yourself." Dad told me while hugging me and gave me a small kiss on the head.

"I will."

"Bye Zoey!" screamed Eva. Eva's my 7 year old sister.

"Bye, bye you little cutie!" I gave her a kiss and moved on to the final goodbye.

"I'm gonna miss you so much." Alexis sobbed. Me and Alexis are very close, she is only 13 but we do so much together. We go shopping, watch TV, go on my laptop, go for drives, play games and she'll occasionally come into my bed and we'll have a little cuddle. I gave her a huge hug and her crying made me cry. A tear slid down my cheek. 

"I love you so much Lexi. Text me and phone me, and we can skype and stuff." We broke up the hug and I said goodbye to everyone again and got in the car which came to pick me up. I live in Northern Ireland and I was travelling to Dublin so it'll take a while but I don't mind. I waved goodbye and put my earphones in.


 Hi my little meows! Yes you have nicknames now! I hope you liked the 1st chapter! Comment below what you thought about it!                                                                                                                                                                                

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