1D Imagines

Hey Guys! This is are first book, we need ideas and request. no hate please.


4. Louis Prefence

Hi Guys I know I haven’t updated in awhile!

This is my first prefence anyway here it is!

Note: I found some on tumbler.  Sorry if there are misspelled words.

He gives you the silent treatment.

Louis:  Today you had a bad and tiring day at work. You just wanted to see your boyfriend Louis yep the Louis Tomlinson is your Boyfriend, anyway when you came home you seen Louis. You said hey, but he didn’t talk to you, but he point to the note on the kitchen table, when you read it, it said dear (Y/N) I am mad at you and I’m not speaking to you for a whole week!  You try to talk to him here’s how it went.

You: Lou. Please talk to me... L

Lou: *Sighs*

You: Looowehh!  *and that was your nickname for him when he doesn’t talk to you this usually makes him talk.*

Lou: what (Y/N)?

You: Why are you mad at me?

Lou:  because I saw you flirt with that guy at the mall!

You: looowehh! That guy at the mall was an ass, because I told him that I have a boyfriend and I walked away. :’(

Louis: awe baby I’m sorry, I’m an asswhole for not listening to you.

You: it’s ok.

So you and Louis spent the rest of the night cuddling and kissing, and watching movies!

Hey guys that probably sucked! Anyway remember I haven’t updated in awhile so give me a break. I will probably be the only one who will be updating from now on until Harry’s Princess 22 comes back from vacation well Thanks guys! Unforutally I’m going to start an imagine instead of finishing this. Ok BYE!!!!


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