Nobody Compares to you

Natalie and Maria live just normal fangirls lives. Until one day, their dreams become reality!.On there bumpy road, with the ones they love, Will the lives they wished for really be as simple as they hoped?
(I know this sounds boring but please read and tell me what yous think?(:


35. truly madly deeply

Niall POV


"@Real_Liam_Payne @louis_tomlinson @ZaynMalik @Harry_Styles whatta show tonight ! Boiiisss ! Verona is mad shit ! Hopefully can go home for my time off weyhey" i tweeted after our show in Verona, I had so many retweets and favorites in less than thirty seconds. But the fans replies were just "Follow me follow me" so i decided to log off of twitter and check Facebook for a while. Its been about a month since we last saw Maria and Natalie, But frankly, i haven't been thought of them since Dublin, Harry is still recovering, and of course i am too, but i just dont't feel like it, then when i see Maria's latest status it all comes flooding back. "EPPPPP! Just been Debs dress shopping with Natalie!! They are gorgeous! We will be going together so no one will get jelly;) WITH_Natalie Thorne" And twenty seven likes and a lot of people sending her hate, i really wanted to tell them to back off, but that would make it worse. "Niall mate you ready?" i hear Louis call from downstairs, we are going to a club in the town, "Yeah bud two minutes yeah?" i called down to him, "Niall, Harry is still getting ready so go with him then yeah? we're going now so see you in a while" Louis called up to me again, "Sound mate." then i heard the door slam behind him with Liam and Zayn following behind him. I went in to the bathroom and put gel in my hair, Then just stared in the mirror, I was in my own little world for about 5 minutes which felt like hours, then i heard Harry from downstairs, "Niall?" he called, "yeah?" i replied, "can you help me mate?" he echoed back, i gigged to myself and closed my bedroom door, and went across the hall to Harry's bedroom, "whats wrong baby?" i slagged him, he gave me a stern look and then it turned into a smile, "My hair, will you.... Ehhh..." he trailed off, "seriously Harry whats wrong?" i asked, "He picked up his phone and logged onto Facebook, "Its alright mate i seen what Maria posted" i told him, "not Maria, Natalie!" he said showing me his phone. "whatta day guiz! Dress shopping with my date Maria;) and my sister is going to Australia:( but i'm thinking about going over for a couple month holiday with my one and only Maria;) <3 you babe:* ROLL ON DEBS!" "Niall?" Harry asked concerned, "Yeah mate" i say nodding, "we gotta let them move on dude !" they have they're own lives, and our schedule is hectic! We just have no time for girls!" i say to him trying not to sound to sad myself. Harry nodded in agreement. "Hey dude bright side is at least they are going to the debs together!" i say winking, Harry pulls a cheeky smile and we get out to leave for the club.


Maria POV


"Thank you so much girlies!" i say pulling down my kilt off my uniform getting out if Roisin's car,"No Problem babe! I'll see you before the debs hopefully!" Roisin replies, "definitely!" i reply, Natalie gets out of the car to hug me, when she lets go, she whisper in my ear that my debs dress is showing through the zip hole in my school bag, We giggle, and she gets back into the car and Roisin drives off. "Maria Thompson!" My Mammy calls from the kitchen, "ah oh that cant be good!" i say to myself, "its not good" my sister whispers to me walking up the stairs with a. Glass of milk, i enter the kitchen, and there is our school principal sitting at the kitchen table, my heart drops as my mother looks at my sternly, "Sit please Maria" my principal asks calmly, "May o ask where you were today my darling?" she asks, i was so scared i couldn't physically answer her, "Well Maria!" My mother asks sitting beside me, i sit very still and open my mouth but nothing comes out, "may i see whats in your school bag?" Mrs.Fitzpatrick asks, i didn't answer but then i nodded, she got up and went over and opened my schoolbag we couldn't see what she was doing, then she came back, "You are excused Maria" Shes says to me i look at her puzzled but don't complain, i get up and power walk out of the kitchen, "your bag sweetie" She says turned to me and winks, now i'm extremely confused. I walk out if the room but linger to hear what she says to my mother, "I must have been mistaken Mrs. Thompson, your daughter was in school" "but you said she wasn't on the roll?" my mother interrupts, "But i seen her today Mrs. Thompson, so i shall leave now" as i hear her get off her chair i run into the front room and watch her get into her car she stares at me and smiles i mouth to her "Thank you!" and she nodded, i smile and run upstairs to fill my bag with books just in case my mother double checks, and i see a note, "Don't forget to do your homework!" it says, i smile and take out my dress and hang it up in my wardrobe. 

As  finished my homework, i put my books away and decided to check Facebook to see if anyone left a reply to a status. i really don't know why, but when i saw none of the boys liked or commented, i felt like something was wrong, i don't know why i even expected them too with they're buy schedule and all that. i was going to check Twitter but it hasn't been publicly announced yet that me and Niall have broken up it would just make matters worse. Then it hit me that the debs is next week and i completely forgot about Social Networking and the boys, i just carried on the feeling while i had it. 


 Harry POV

''On my count!'' Liam shouts, ''We chug it all down ready boys?'' A big yell comes from the five of us, ''Three, Two, One chug chug chug!'' Liam shouts and we all scoff the alcohol down our esophagus's, ''Next rounds on me!'' Andy says, ''Ehh just a lager for me mate!'' I shout at him over the music. Its getting really stuffy so i go outside where all the smokers are. A while after i left, Zayn came out to see if i was alright, He lit a cigarette and became my therapist. ''Andy has drunk your lager mate'' He says smiling, i let out a little chuckle, ''Alright mate i know somethings up just by the way you stand! Whats wrong'' Zayn asks, I don't reply, ''its me mate!'' He says again, ''I know, i know, its just, i, uggghhhh!'' Zayn seems very confused, ''Still sober to even tell me?'' Zayn laughs, ''Yes!'' I say laughing, ''Zayn, I just, can't explain how much i miss her'' I say i can feel tears coming through the back of my eyes. Zayn stands there quiet and speechless, ''Mate i'm really really sorry but i don't..'' I interrupt him, ''I know you can't help me or tell me otherwise its my feelings and i control them, but at the moment, i feel as though i am not'' I say not looking at him, Zayn takes a last puff and stamps on the cigarette, ''I know what can take your mind off her just for a little while'' Zayn says cheekily, I stand up and smile at him, i feel a lot better now that i know Zayn understands, When we get back to the lads i whisper in his ear ''Thank you.''



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