Forgive Me?

scarlett has been in love with the popular boy in high school "Austin Mahonne" but the problem is she is an outcast a nerd, a geek, no one likes her, and when she get a harsh and strong reject from her crush and swears to never forgive him and as years go by and he wants another chance, will she forgive him?.
find out while reading my new movella that i really love better than my first one hope you enjoy it and love it as i will do and please tell everyone IF you like it, cause as you can see my first one wasn't exactly a success so here we go!


5. chapter 4

"H-hey!" I said nervous and he spread his arms for a hug, I didn't know what to do I just looked at them then without giving it a second thought I hugged him.

He held me tight like he was afraid of letting him go and I got to breath his addicting scent, I'm afraid to admit it but I think I missed him even though he wasn't mine to start with.

The hug lasted awkwardly long so I decided to pull back.

"How are you how have you been?" I asked getting the awkwardness out.

"It's okay everything is great really what about you? Oh and congratulation on your achievements I'm really happy for you" he said with a big charming smile from ear to ear.

"T-thank you that means a lot, and what about you huh? I see you on tv every game I'm p-proud of y-you.. Go L.A. Lakers!!" I said excited for him.

As soon as I mentioned his favorite sport his face light up and his eye too having a soft smile on his perfect lips.

"Thank you very much I'm doing what I truly love and you know what they say doing what you love is happiness so I'm happy basketball is just my life" Austin said happily.

I knew I really knew, I was at every single high school basketball game he had, cheering him on, supporting him, screaming his name and when they don't put him on the game I scream his name until they put him on the game.

"But I guess you knew" Austin's voice pulled me out of my thoughts.

"What?" I asked confused.

"I guess you knew that since you were there at every game I played supporting me" he finally said with a soft smile on his beautiful lips.

"Thank you" he said smiling again.

"N-no need really!! I'm always there for you and I always will be" I said a bit excitement in my voice smiling after.

There was silence between us, not that awkward silence but a good one, we just stared at each other's eyes smiling uncontrollably, but I don't want to forgive him, well at least I promised I won't.

"S-so where's Britney?" I asked about my high school bully changing the subject.

"Oh she's right there by the snacks table" he said pointing to it.

I look at where he was pointing and found a blonde woman with a pony tale and brown eyes smiling big and talking to a redhead man as she was subbing her big tummy, she was pregnant!.

My heart sunk a little I felt hurt and my heart beating so fast that I think I was about to cry but I didn't 3 years of training helps, just put on a fake smile and make him think your happy for him.

"Wow oh my god I'm so happy for you congratulations when did you got married?" I asked with a fake smile.

"Oh that's not mine I'm not even taken" he said with laughter in his voice.

"Oh" I said releasing a big sigh feeling relieved that I think he noticed.

I looked at him and he looked at me with all of the sudden dark eyes and a smirk, he leaned in to my ear, our cheeks brushed a little witch gave me goosebumps all over my body, I could feel his worm breath on my neck witch made my heart beat a 1000 times faster.

"You seem relieved that I'm on the market?" He whispered in my ear in a seductive way making his worm breath come to my ear, that made me shiver all over.

I was speechless, didn't know what to say at all, he lift himself and look me in the eyes we were close but not in a 'we're about to kiss' kind of close.

The squeaky sound of the mic made us break the look and focus on the stage, there was a guy about our age who climbed on the stage about to talk to the mic.

"Hello ladies and gentlemen welcome to the reunion ... Okay let's cut the crap people!! We are still young believe me we still have our whole life for anything we can still meet new people, we can fix mistakes that have been made a long time ago" the man said witch made me and Austin look at each other.

"We still have time to even break rules also promises" I looked at the ground when he said that.

"We can still forgive and try live this life to the fullest!! If only we forgive and forget and try to enjoy life as it is then we won't notice the time passing heck!! We would think time stopped just for us!!" Austin looked at me but I was too afraid to break so I didn't look back.

"Don't waste any time with what if's and other stupid questions just live spontaneously and don't look back, don't regret nothing, if it's good it's a blessing if it's bad it's a lesson" I started smiling, I want to forgive him.

"If you got a hint on something you feel good about don't let it go hold it cause that hint is a wake up call, live. Life. To. The. Fullest. Never look back just wake up everyday knowing that you'll don't something amazing and exciting with the ones you love just remember no matter how old we are .. We still have time but don't let that make you lazy and throwing it later just because we are young in fact make everyday of your life memorable don't waste that precious time of being young" I started to tear his words were beautiful, I felt Austin's arm on my back around my waist, I didn't protest.

" dudes and dudates I am Martin Gomez a doctor you may say now we want everybody one by one to say what have you been doing since high school" Martin said before getting off the stage and a lot of people hugged him, now people are going in stage one by one saying what have they been doing, some got married or engaged and some are doctors and what not and most of them are still studying and living the dream.

Britney came to us with her hand holding the redhead man's hand.

"Austin hi!!! It's been a long time I finally got to see you I'm so glad we kept in touch and this is nick I've telling you all about my husband!!" Britney said with her high pitch voice, it's a bit annoying.

"Hey how have you been? And hey nick congratulations on the new baby!!" Austin said hugging letting go of my waist and hugging Britney and shaking nick's hand.

Wait nick? I remember him.

"Nick hi!! Wow you've really changed remember me we were the school's needs together" I said and he looked at me and his eyes went wide.

"Carlett?!!! Oh my god I missed you so much wow you've changed your self you look great congratulations on your achievements" nick said hugging me.

"You don't look bad yourself too!!" I said with laughter in my voice.

"Hey.." Britney softly said with a soft smile on her face.

"Hi!! How are you?" I asked

"I'm fine how about you you look great" she said.

"Oh thank you and congratulations on the new baby!! I'm so happy for you!!" I said hugging her, I feel like I've said congratulations a million time today.

"Thank you I'm happy about everything that turned out marrying the love of my life, and having a baby with him is just perfect for me" she said with a smile on her face from ear to ear.

"I'm so happy to hear you say that!!" I said, I'm really happy for her I really am.

"What about you how's everything Victoria's angel? How does it feels like dating a member of the biggest boy band on earth?" She said smiling and winking.

Immediately I looked back at Austin who looked at me with no expression what so ever and dark eyes.

"I'll go grab something to drink what something?" He asked looking on the stage.

Before I could answer he left, making me feel really hurt.

"I'll go with you I want to drink something that doesn't has to do with juice box" nick said leaving too.

"No your not if I caught you near any alcohol your sleeping on the couch" she said after him making him hear and he just have her a thumb up.

"So I wanted to talk to about something.." She said with her tone getting serious all of the sudden.

"W-what is it?" I asked worried.

"It's about prom night.." She said, I just shrug I didn't know what to say I didn't want to hear it though.

"Please listen to me till the end and then you can do what ever you want scram yell or what ever just hear me" she said practically begging, I just nodded.

"So before prom way way back like maybe five months or more before prom.. Austin broke up with me.." She said taking another breath.

What?, I was confused but I didn't say anything she said I have to hear her until the end before reacting.

"But as the bitch I was I needed my popularity so bad that I turned to this ugly monster so I started threatening him that if he ever thought of breaking up with me I'll tell my dad to get him out of the basketball team since my dad is the couch" she said her voice getting trembly.

I'm getting really mad but a but relieved.

"So because obviously basketball was his dream he went thought with it and pretended to date me he was a good actor though" she stopped taking a breath then continued.

"Prom night was a month close and he really wanted to break up with me so one time he said to me he started to have a thing for... You" she looked at me and my face was so shocked and confused.

"So I started asking him what do you see in her she isn't pretty at all and fat and ugly and blah blah me being bitchy and he raised his head and looked at me with eyes full of love and a worm smile saying ' she has a beautiful and loving soul and that's enough for me'" she looked at me and my eyes started to tear, then she continued.

"Prom night was close and he was thinking of asking you out so I got scared, one time I heard dad was talking on the phone about one of his players getting the chance to train with the L.A. Lakers so I took that chance, I told Austin if you ever ask her to prom instead of me I'll convince dad to give the chance to another player, so Austin panicked and said he won't ask you, but then I saw you put the note in his locker and I just knew it was a about prom, when Austin walked by I told him to accept it and humiliates you on prom, he protested and I said I will tell dad that you fuck every single girl in school so he did it, he went to the locker and accepted it and wrote what I told him to write" she stopped taking another breath.

By now my tears started to clump until they spilled one by one, she whipped them herself from my check and I tried to smile but failed.

"So on prom night when you came looking like you know.. And we started throwing stippling Austin said it wasn't part of the deal , when you left immediately he grabbed the mic and said 'are you happy now? You ruined a girl's prom night the night that every girl dreams of and now it's her nightmare.. Screw you all and Britney you can go to hell' and the he left and it was my worst night too because now everybody know I'm the bitch of everything and that's how I met nick cause I told him everything and he stood my my side and made me a better person"

"So please know it wasn't Austin's fault at all don't blame him and please forgive him he liked you" she said tears coming down of her face.

"Feel free to slap me now" she said keeping her eyes closed.

I didn't do anything except whipping my tears and then I hugged her so tight that her stomach started to hurt her.

"Thank you" is all I managed to say.

"Why?" She asked

"For telling me the truth about it and the past is the past we just have to move on leave it there and we can start fresh" I said to her softly.

"Thank you" she said.

"So I found more juice boxes and punch if there isn't any beer here I'm gonna punch someone" nick said interrupting us and the drinking from his juice box looking angry but instead he looked funny.

Me and Britney started giggling and whipping our tears.

"What did I miss?" Nick asked looking at our faces, me and Britney looked at each other and started giggling again.

"Oh nothing at all! Where's Austin?" I asked changing the subject and looking for Austin.

"Oh he said he wants to go to the restroom" nick said taking another sip.

"I'll go see where he is" I said fixing my short dress a little, and the started to walk while Britney and nick started to pay attention on the people on stage.

I got out of the basketball field and on my way to the boys rest room I think I remember where it is.

As I started to walk the hallway with my heals clicking on the ground and echoing a very strong hand grabbed my arms and dragging me to a corner and slamming me but not hard on the wall.

I winced closing my eyes the I opened them slowly to meet a couple of crystal really dark blue eyes, full with lust.

"Austin?" I recognize those blue eyes anywhere but with that darkness in them I started questioning.

"So your dating a big hot shot huh?" He asked a bit of irritation in his voice, he was close, so close I can feel his worm breath on my upper lip, so close I could get suffocated with his addicting scent, making my body weak.

I didn't answer him, was he jealous?, what is it?.

"You don't have the answer huh?, then answer me this.. Can he holds you like this" he said as his hand started exploring my body witch made me a bit dizzy, he kept moving his hands all over my body keeping me hot, a small sigh escaped my moth just a sigh but I still didn't answer him.

"Hmm? He can't? Okay then can he do this?" He said and I was not expecting the next this he did, he got closer and closer and leaned down to neck kissing it sending shivers through my spine.

He started sucking my skin hard that I winced at the pain, biting and licking the spot made a moan that I've been holding so long to escape, I squeezed my eyes closed feeling his finger tips traveling my body and his mouth damaging my skin.

He continued witch made me so dizzy, but.. I wanted more, he kept doing this for several minutes and then he stopped and blew on the spot witch made the moan increase, he then lifted himself from me but his hand is still on my butt squeezing it witch made me jump.

I was breathing heavily so heavy that it echoed through the empty hallway, he looked deep into my eyes with his eyes still dark with lust.

He them can close to my ear again, I was expecting another session of sucking my skin but instead he came to my ear.

"Your heart and body are mine, never forget that, ever" he said seductively, then he gave me one last squeeze on my butt, then he walked away.

I waited to until I didn't hear any footsteps and I slides to the ground, what just happened?.

And the weird thing I really loved it, but I wanted more, I really wanted more and more, but Zayn!!.

What should I do?.

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