Fake Dates & Fan Pages

Trent and Tilly trick on Austin and Ally on fake date for their anaversay and Adam and Dez make an Auslly fan page sequel to Christmas & Cookies


1. Popular pages & Pimples

(Adam and Dez walk into sonic boom)

Adam: guess what we made

Ally: what 

Dez: an Auslly fan page 

Austin: Auslly? 

Adam: it's you and Ally's names paired 

Austin: awesome 

(Ally's phone starts ringing) 

Ally: hey Trish where are you 

Trish: at home 

Ally: shouldn't you be working 

Trish: no I have a big hideous pimple on my nose 

Ally: rub some pickle juice on it that always helps me 

Trish: I'm not doing that (hangs up) 

Ally: why did you guys put the page up anyway 

Adam: it's in memory of your first year together today is your one year anaversay 

Dez: aw I love love 

Ally: Austin is taking me to a really fancy restaraunt 

Austin: yep it's gonna be perfect 

Adam: what your telling Trish to run pickle juice on 

Ally: the giant zit on he face 


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