Pieces of Time

Abigail has had a tough life for as long as she could remember. Which isn't that long. She woke in a long dark hallway. Wearing only black shorts and a black singlet, that had her name sewed on it. She ran when she heard the voices. But all that was twelve months ago. Now she's living on the streets finding teens just liked her. Each possessing something that no other human being could actually have.

What will happen when they start getting attacked by the people who took them?

Will they fight back?

Or will they surrender?


1. Prologue






I woke up with a jolt. My eyes opening wide. The darkness engulfed me as I sat on the cool tiled floor. 


I shot my head to my left, my hands running over the wall that was supporting my back. Figures moved in the shadows further down the hallway. I whimpered, not knowing what was going to happen to me. 


My head shot to my right. I steadied myself and slowly stood. My hands resting on my bear legs. I felt an outlining of a pair of shorts on my legs and there was also a singlet that covered my top half. 


The voice was closer than before. I turned and walked to my left, down the dark hallway, my hands always touching the wall beside me. 


I quickened my pace. Hoping that whatever was calling wasn't following me. I walked faster.


A light lit up the other side of the long hallway, a dark figure in the middle of the light. 

"There you are..." 

I ran.

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