Speaking Love

Sequel to Everything About You.
Perfect life. Perfect boyfriend. Perfect friends. But one thing is missing. Love.


1. 6 months

Lexi's POV:

6 months. 6 months without Harry. I blame myself often for Harry leaving. I shouldn't have gotten together with Louis right after the break up with Harry. I should've waited till Harry moved on.

Since Harry's left the other boys and I have been on the road. Liam and Danielle are still together and happy. Zayn is still the mysterious bad boi, but love has also come his way. He's dating Perrie Edwards from a band called Little Mix. Niall was welcomed into our traveling party. He's been a blast and he is my best friend.

Lastly is Louis. We're still dating. Some people say we are stronger than ever, but others say its fake. What I think is that I love Louis, but we are lacking something in our relationship. That something is love.

When we were first dating he would never stop telling me how much he loves me, but now I'm lucky if I even get a kiss goodnight. The sparks between Louis and I are slowly fading.

Once the tour ended Louis and I moved together. The boys also have flats near ours. Louis often goes out clubbing late a night whenever I'm 'asleep'. Then I call Niall over and we have Hannah Montana marathons and all we can eat parties.

Not only is Louis not speaking love to me, he's not trying anymore. The publicity is slowly reaching his head. Louis is to kissy and grabby in public, but once we reach home he is phone zoned. It hurts. Everytime I get close to calling it quits he always gives me a chance to not let go of our relationship. Its like he can sense my breaking point.

Niall told me I should dumb Louis and give him a chance to realize how much he means to me. Liam tells me to give him time. Zayn tells me to remind Louis about what we had.

I've gotten to the point where I'm worried he's going to bring some girl home and just tell her that him and I are siblings.

Thats been the last 6 months, but what to come has never been expected.

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