Fate Brought Us Together (A Louis Tomlinson Fan-fiction)

Alyssa Kelly is a junior in college studying to be a businesswoman. Louis Tomlinson is a senior in college studying to be a businessman, but dropped out at the beginning of his last year to go on the x-Faxtor. When Louis is forced to go to his last year of college, he meets Alyssa. But what happens when they start to fall in love with each other? Will the other members be jealous of him? Will Louis' new girlfriend tear up 1D for good? Find out in "Fate Brought Us Together."


1. First Day

(Alyssa's POV) 

Ah college. Dont you love it? 

You don't get bossed around and your more independent. 

I get to my apartment that is across from the college and start to un-pack my bag. 

*10 minutes later

I walk through the front doors, go to the front office to get my schedule, and walk to my first class, Math. 

"Alyssa over here!" My friend Kelly called from across the room. I immediately go to the desk next to her and sit down just as the professor walked in. "Good morning class, i'm Mrs. Smith. Welcome to your first day back as a junior!" Mrs. Smith says a little but to excited. "Morning Mrs. Smith." The class says.

I take a look around the room, Kelly's right next to me, the jocks are in the back with the snob cheerleaders including my biggest enemy, Megan. Ugh, I hate that girl. She thinks that she's the most amazing person ever and that she's the most popular person in school. She hates me for some strange reason that I don't know what it is.

Im sure you are wondering what happened. Me and Megan used to be best friends all throughout high school. But when we were seniors I apparently ditched her for my boyfriend at the time, Zeke. "You don't care about anything!" She would scream, "All you care about is your stupid boyfriend, Zeke!" She would say. Now were in college and we barely talk. 

Me and Zeke broke up a week after me and Megan's argument. I thought she would be happy, but instead I ended up with no boyfriend and a snobby, rich, and selfish ex-best friend. My thoughts were interrupted by the bell. 

I ran out of the room with Kelly right next to me as we try to find our next class. Me and her ironically have the same classes, except the class i'm taking to train to be a businesswoman. I walk into Science when suddenly I bump into a hard chest and I fall to the floor with all of my books flying out of my bag. Great. Kelly helps me up and I pick my books up. "I'm so sorry! Are you ok?" The guy asks me as I put the bag around my shoulder. "Im fi-" I say but I cut myself off because I'm surprised at who i'm looking at. The one and only Louis Tomlinson. 

"Yeah i'm fine." I say and walk back into the room. 

*Before school started. 

(Louis' POV)

I wake up to my bed moving up and down. I open my eyes to see Niall and Harry jumping on my bed. 

"WAKE UP LOUIS!! Management told us to come in today so we need to go." Harry says and I run to my closet throwing on some clothes. 

*10 minutes later

We make it to Simon's office and we all sit down. "Ok so you guys have had an amazing year. So amazing that I am going to give you guys a couple of months to have a break." Simon says and we all jump up and cheer, chest bumping each other. 

The boys start to walk away towards the door when suddenly Simon calls me back. I sit back down and look at him. 

"Now Louis, you are the oldest member of this group. And it has come to my attention that you have never finished college because of this." He starts, "And?" I ask. Where is he going with this?

"What I am saying is that, you are going to finish your schooling at the local college." Simon finishes. What? Where did this come from? 

"What?" I ask standing up, "You have come to far into college to just quit, so I want you to finish and get a good degree." He explains. 

"Ok but it will take me a whole year to finish my senior year of college. Not just 2 months." I say

"I know, which is why your only taking a couple of classes at the school so you wont miss your concerts." He explains. 

"Ok when do I start?" I ask, "Today." 

"School starts in an hour." He says, my eyes get wide. "WHAT" I run down the hallway and through the front doors passing the guys as they get into the car.

"Louis get in the car!" Liam yells as he gets in the car. I get in the car and we drive back to the house. When we get to the house, I ran to the room, grab my keys, and run down stairs to my car. 

*At the college

I run down the hallway and finally make it to my Science class. But when I walked into the room I turned around for a split second and I felt something bump into my chest. I look down to see a girl that bumped into me. "Im so sorry are you ok?" I ask as she gets up. "I'm fi-" she says but stops when she sees who I am. "Yeah I'm fine." She says and she walks away towards her desk. 

Wow. She's probably the most beautiful girl I have ever laid eyes on. 

Im already starting to fall for her. 

(A/N: Hey guys ok so this is a new story that I am going to write I hope that you guys like it:) Feedback is very appreciated:) 


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