First Love Story

This is about how many guy friends I going though until I get my first boyfriend. But there is a twist that may change my life forever.


7. Tell my parents

Colin and I have been talking for a few weeks and went to see each other for the first time, for real. I haven't told my parents yet about us because I'm scared to tell them. Every time we skype my mom ask me who I'm talking to and I always said I'm skyping one of my friends. One day we were skyping and he said I needed to tell my parents that I'm dating so we can see each other. My mom came into my room, as I ended the skype call,

"Who was that?'' my mom ask.

"It was a friend of mine." I replied

"And who is that friend?"

"It's a he, and he is more of a....a....boyfriend...."

"You have a boyfriend?"

"Yeah, he is really sweet and kind. You would love him."

"So when do I get to meet him?"

"I was hoping next weekend?"

"Well Liam is going to a friends house and your dad is hangout with the guys, so Harry and I will be here."

"We were hoping we could meet at the mall?"

"That's fine but it would have to be in the afternoon."

"Yeah we were hoping that."

"Okay. So how did you meet? What's his name? Where dose he live?"

"One question at a time please but his name is Colin, he lives in Milton, and we met though my cousin."

" did they meet?"

"I think she said they meet at a football."

"Oh how fun."


<Skype call from Colin M

"He is calling me,"

"Oh then i will leave you two alone."

"Okay see you later." I said as I answer the call. "Hey! Guess what I just did?"

"What did you?"

"I just told my mom about us and she didn't really care as much as I thought."

"That's great! So I can see you on Saturday?"

"Yes," I said with a big smile,"But you have to meet my mom and my little brother Harry."

"Harry is the better one right?"
"Yeah I guess." I said laughing.

We skyped for 3 hours that night, our longest skype call.

The next day we went to a birthday party for my mom's friend's son. Almost everyone was surprised when they found out that I had a boyfriend. I answered all there questions as much as possible. The most common one was if I meet him in person or not. I responded with kind of, we skype all the time but meeting each other next weekend for the first time.

***Next weekend***

I can't believe it's Friday! Tomorrow I'm meeting Colin for the first time.

<Text from Colin: Goodmorning beautiful! Only one more until i get to see you!

<Text to Colin: Morning and I CAN"T WAIT!!

<Text from Colin: Lolz i really want to see you

<Text to Colin: Haha me too! I have to get really for school text u in a min

I got out of bed and went to the bathroom and got ready for school. But I heard some noise from my room, I ran in to find my laptop going off,

<Skype call from: Colin M

"Hello?" I said confusingly.

"Hey sorry I want to see you before I leave to school."

"Oh well I have to time before I have to go."

"I love seeing your beautiful face."

"Awe thank you!"

"No probably baby, I really can't wait until tomorrow."

"Yeah I know me too."

"Okay but now I have to go to the bus stop. But I don't want to go, I want to stay here all day and talk to you."

"I know but you have to go and I have to go. PLEASE text me as much as possible!"

"I will baby! Okay bye!"

"Bye" I hang up the skype call. He never like pushing the end bottom for something. I finished getting ready and went down stairs. I ate breakfast and went to school. I walked in and grab my phone.

<Text from Colin: I hate the bus

<Text to Colin: I get a ride from my mom but walk home

<Text from Colin: I drive every Monday well not this Monday so i have gas for saturday

<Text to Colin: ur diving?

<Text from Colin: Yeah why?

<Text to Colin: I forgot u had ur license

<Text from Colin: yeah lolz

I walked into my first class and sat in my set being board. All I could think of was seeing Colin. Like was I going to wear, how was I going to do my hair, what is my mom or brother going to think about him. Next thing I knew the bell ring. I got up and went to my second hour class. Most of my friends are in that class and it was a free day. I texted Colin though out the whole class. Then lunch, I was still texting him. He always can put a smile on my face when I needed it the most. Then third hour can, which is band, i could text him but I didn't. Then fourth hour, my study hall, I text him when the teacher left the room. There was only one other person in the room besides the teacher and he did the same thing. The weird thing is the other boy, Brandon, we knew so much about each other but we never really talk. When the final bell rang, I went to my locker then went, then I walk out the main doors and starting to head home. As soon as I'm off school ground, I called Colin. It takes me 35 minutes to walk home. But today when I was on the phone with Colin, someone bike passed me and it scared me. To find out it was Brandon. It scared me. I was glad I was on the phone with Colin.

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