feelings for him

Samantha Carter has just got over a relationship with Harry Styles.One day they accidentally meet up and everything changes.


1. the store

"Sam hurry up!" I heard my sister call as I was getting ready. Today was my mother's birthday. So my sister decided that we bake her a cake. She was always working, I guess because ever since dad died. Anyways, I quickly brushed my blonde, straight, hair and my teeth. I slipped on my skinny jeans, my lace tank top, and my one direction vans. I grabbed my phone and ran down the stairs into the living room,where my sister was waiting for me. "Do I really have to go with you ? I mean I just turned 17 ,I'll be perfectly fine." I pleaded. "Yes you do because of all the maniacs around here!" I sighed. She grabbed her keys,and we went to her cherry red convertable and took off. When we go to the store, I checked my phone for Twitter or facebook notifications. I had a few bit the one that caught my eye was from one direction. It said, "about to perform at bake-a-cake!" I sighed. I disliked one direction ,but I love their music,just not them. My sister snapped my back to reality. She wanted me to go get triple chocolate fudge cake mix from the other side of the store. It was also near the performance area that one direction was performing at . I walked back there and looked for the cake mix. I found it, but with my luck it was on the very top shelf. I grunted as I tried almost everything to get it. Don't get me wrong I was as tall as a 7th or 8th grader! I was about to give up when I felt someone touch me. I swung my fist back, but someone grabbed it. I turned around to see those beautiful,emerald,green eyes staring at me."Do u need help?" I heard that deep British voice say. He chuckled. "Nope,and if I did, I wouldn't ask I for help.!" "Are you sure?" "Yes now leave!" Before o even knew it he had the cake mix in his hands. HARRY'S P.O.V ~ I had Sam's stuff in my hands. She turned around, and I saw those ocean blue eyes staring at me. I can't help it, I still had feelings for her. She will probably never forgive me though. If I was her,I wouldn't forgive me either. "So?" She stared at me with blank eyes. "I'm sorry what love?" "Of course, you wouldn't listen then, so why would you listen to me now!?" Sam,will I ever forgive me?I apologised a million times already!" "I'm sure!ONE time,Harry, u apologised one time!" SAM'S P.O.V~ Tears started to fill my eyes. I couldn't take it anymore! I saw his eyes water. I stormed away from him. I felt a hand on my arm, turning me around. "Harry please let me go!" "Sam, please just let me explain." "There is nothing to explain Harry !you cheated on me with my enemy!that bullies me everyday I go to school! And you think that I will listen to you? Well if u do, then your out of your mind!" I turned around with anger and tears in my eyes. I hated him! I just wanted to die! I ran as fast as i could ,until I found my sister. HARRY'S P.O.V~ I can't believe it. I ruined what we ever had, and I hate my self for it! Louis came over and tapped my shoulde. "Hey what happened? And was that Sam?" "It ...I ....it's..." I tried to speak but I couldn't,her words kept playing over and over in my head. "Ok well Nevermind,we have go go perform!" He said trying to comfort me. It honestly wasn't working. We ran over to the rest of the boys. I heard the lady on the intercm say," and give it up for one diretion !" SAM'S P.O.V~ As soon as the announcer said one direction, my sister started jumping up and down. she dragged me out of Isle basket in hand, n to the stage. I mumbled under my breath. "I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! ONE...ONE....ONE DIRECTION!!" She yelled over over everyone else screaming. We sat through half of their concert,until my favorite song came on. ONE THING!! Liam started off ,"I've tried playing it cool,but when I'm looking at you ,I can't ever be brave because you make my heart race." Harry must've saw me because when his solo came on,he looked directly at me the whole time. "Shot me out of the sky, your my kryptonite ,you keep making me weak yeah, frozen and can't breathe." He smiled cheekily at me with his adorable dimples. I just rolled my eyes at him. When the concert was over,I rushed my sister out of there! We reached the counter,and my sister just gave me a dirty look. I ignored her,and looked around tomakd sure I wasn't coming in contact with Harry again. I really didn't want to talk to him again,especially what happened a few months ago. My sister pit her cake stuff on the counter and the cashier rang it up. "Your total $30.55." My sister scrambled through her purse,"S***! I can't find it!" I started to panic! I began to cry a little,and I got a huge lump in my throat. I looked at my sister,and she was devistated. She looked through her purse again, nothing. HARRY'S P.O.V~ I wonder where she went? I looked around the store trying to find her. Until suddenly, I found her! She looked like she had been crying. I walled up to her. "What's wrong?" "Nothing." She spat back. "Sam, seriously?" I knew she was lieing. "Nothing, really." She looked into my eyes and her eyes were watery. "Sam,don't f****** lie to me." I said sternly."OH,LIKE YOU DID TO ME?!" She shouted,which made people stare. "Sam,listen to me, I apologise,now will u tell me what's wrong?" I yelled back at her. "Really Harry?!? That's what u call an apology?!" Her eyes getting watery, while she shouted. "FOR HEAVENS SAKE SAM!U KNOW WHAT? I SHOULDN'T HAVE LOOKED FOR YOU! I DON'T EVEN LIKE YOU!I HATE YOU! YOU DONT LISTEN TO ME,AND UGHGHGHHH !" Now I wasn't screaming,I was yelling, easing my voice everything I spoke a word. She was crying her eyes out. I felt even more horrible. "Sam I didn't mea......" I was cut off by her fragile voice that I love so much, "just leave me alone. Don't ever talk to me again .and to think I started likening you again." She was calm,but still crying. Liam found me, "mate! Where have I been?" "Nowhere, just let's go." We walked away. I looked back,and tears were rolling down my cheeks. SAM'S P.O.V~ I looked over at my sister. She was overwhelmed for two reasons, 1:I had a full on conversation with Harry styles and 2: she still doesn't have her wallet. "Give me your keys." I said to her "Wait...what..no!"she said. "Yes!I'll go home,get your wallet and come back,but mostly I need to cool down." "Fine just please be careful! I love u Sam!" "Ok and I love u too bri!" I ran out to her convertable ,opened the door, hoped in, and drove.on the way there I started thinking about what me and Harry had. I cried a little harder.my eyes got blurry,and I couldn't see anything! I tried wiping them away but., !!BAM!!
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