Isn't she lovely

Vanessa escaped from her father who abused her ever since her mother died of cancer. He would rape her, kick her, punch her, and etc. So one day, Vanessa ran away from home and stopped at a special park where her mother and her used to go. When she hears someone walking towards her, she thought it was her father, but instead it was this blond- blue eyed- irish boy named Niall Horan. Niall cared for Vanessa, but did he just have sympathy for her or is he really falling in love with her?


1. Run away me

Vanessa POV

"Vanessa, come down stairs!!!"Rob yelled from his room.

Rob is my father.. I don't call him dad or father because after my mum died unexpectedly...he just acted and treated me and my brother differently. Rob would always rape me or abuse me in any way possible and he would make my brother join with him. Rob would always say that it's my fault that my mum died so he says that it's my punishments that will never end.

As I heard Rob screaming at the top of his lungs to go to his room downstairs, I knew that I shouldn't disappoint him. Whenever I do something that doesn't please Rob, he would always abuse me. Once, I didn't let him enter me, so he grabbed my arm and held it above the fire on the stove. He told me to burn myself and that if I didn't he would make my brother do it instead. So instead of my brother burning himself, I did it and to this day, I still have the scar on my arm. I just wish my mum would see what Rob was doing from where she is. After walking down memory lane, I arrived Rob's destination for me.

Rob threw me on the bed and yanked my clothes off me. At first, I refused, but then all the memories from the stove and my brother came rushing back in the head. So, then I stopped trying to stop him. After all my clothes were on a pile on the floor, he started kissing from my neck and began going down from there. When he was at my stomach, the doorbell rang.

Rob knew that I would try to escape so he threatened me with a knife.

"Get up and try to escape, I'll end your brothers life or's your decision."

Rob got off me and started heading towards the door. Before he was ready to open the door, he glanced back at me to see if I was still in the exact position as I was when he left me. After, he looked at me with a disgusted look on his face, he opened the door, trying to act like he was watching television in the living room. When he was done talking to the man on the other side of the door, Rob came rushing back to his room, finding me in the exact position as I was. He continued from where he left off....

After he was done "playing" with me, Rob locked me and my brother in our rooms for bed. Rob always had a thought that we would escape this house one day, so he always had a lock on or doors. But what Rob didn't know was that we had a small window that could carry out one person at a time outside. So when Rob was saying his final goodbye's for the day, he locked the door. My brother and I waited from a few minutes until we knew that Rob was sound asleep in his bedroom.

(Five minutes later......)

My brother, Dave, and I knew that there would come a day where we both knew that we would have to separate. When I said separate, I don't mean that one person stays in the house and the

 other runs away, I mean where we both escape but go in separate directions to find a better life and try to forget what we both went through. We already had our bags packed with: a pack of clothes that could last us a week, and a load of money that could last us a month. Dave (my brother) opened the rusted window, and gestured me to head out first. It was a HUGE mistake because after my leg was almost out the window, I fell into a bush and my ankle hit a rock causing me to fracture it and broke it. After my brother was out, with our bags he helped me up and wrapped my ankle with a wrapping for bad injuries. When he was done, we said our final goodbye's to each other and promised each other that somehow we would keep in contact.


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