You don't know me. Matter of fact, a lot of people don't. Many people except for the other lads and his family don't know about me. The twin who got kidnapped at the age of six. Yep, that's me. I guess they just figured I was dead by now.

But now, I'm eighteen, in my senior of high school. Along with my best friend and her brother.

"I've been kept silent practically my entire life. I've been having dreams of my kidnapping constantly, learning more in every dream. My best friend, Aveda, knows how my last name is Styles and thinks it's suspicious because she's told me I look like Harry and nobody else that I call Mom and Dad have my last name. Maybe she's right. I just.. don't know what I can do about it." ~Skylah Styles


1. You don't know the real me, but I wish you could.

I sat by the purple flowers, admiring the scenery with the faint shouting of my brother and his friends playing in the background. "Sky, you sure you don't wanna play with us?" My brother, Harry, sweetly asked. I just shook my head, picking a flower.


Everything was peaceful and serene, until a mysterious black van pulled into the driveway. A person ran out, picked me up, and ran back into the car with me in arm. "Sky!" Harry shouted, telling Will to get our mother. I had no idea of what was going on, being only six and all. The van sped away as I saw my mother run out of the house in tears from the back window.


~Twelve years later~


I awoke from my recurring dream in a cold sweat. I hit the off button on my alarm clock, pulling off my duvet cover. I stood, stretched, yawned, and went to the bathroom to get ready for school.


After throwing a bit of water in my face to wake me up, I applied a thin line of black eyeliner on, mascara, and a bit of concealer. Deciding to leave my hair down, I threw on a black long-sleeve v-neck, mid-thigh blue denim shorts, and black Sperry Topsider's.


I ran downstairs  saying bye to my 'family' and running out the door to best friend's house. Her front door swung open to her big brother, whom had a crush on me, as I did to him.


"Ew! Yancey, go away!" Aveda shouted, pushing him from the door frame so she stood before me.


"Girl! I"ll mess you up!" He shouted back, disappearing from my vision.


"Come in" She beckoned, closing the door behind me, "Sorry about my lame excuse for a brother" She apologized, loud enough for him to hear her.


"Shut up! I have more friends than you!" She rolled her eyes and replied, "Great comeback, doofus."


I shook my head and laughed, "Are we gonna go now?"


"Yeah" Aveda responded, pulling on her One Direction backpack, "Yancey's going to drive us" I just nodded and followed them both out the door.


Aveda pulled me into the backseat when her brother asked me to sit up front with him. "That's alright, I got you, Aveda, I think I'll have a talk with David when I see him." He threatened, driving down the road to Palm Bay High (a.k.a. Hood High).


"Yancey, if you do, I swe-" She responded.


"Swear what?" You know you can't stop me!" He shouted, pulling into a parking spot. She huffed, getting out of the car, walking to the patio.


As I got out of the car, I heard my name, "Sky! Walk with me." Yancey insisted, walking to my side, I nodded and that's when he popped the question. "Will you go out with me?"


What? You thought he was going to propose?


My eyes widened but I worked up enough courage. "I'll think about it"


"Okay. Just tell me when" He replied walking me to my friends. I heard and ear piercing screech.




"Oh my gosh, Sky, One Direction is going to be here in Palm Bay tonight!" She fangirled, jumping up and down. "Then you can see if you're really related to Harry or not! And meet Liam too, if you want.." She trailed off, staring at David (like the obsessive weirdo she is).


"Aveda! Look at me!" Her eyes snapped back to mine, "We're going to meet them tonight, got it?" She nodded, looking at him again. I just gave up, letting her run off the the dumb boy.


Hannah Sterling walked over to me, trying to pick a fight.


Please excuse me whilst I beat her arse...

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