All I Want (Michael Clifford)

Loosing someone makes us feel lifeless but just remember, you'll join them again one day.....


1. remember me (Michael Clifford)

❂❁ "maybe after I can tell you who my first true love was" I say as Libby and Chloe ask "huh" Libby asked confused. I told her a fake one earlier. "Don't worry,she's just being hollie" Chloe said to Libby. They then went into the bakery. I walked along a dirt road and say down in soft grass at the edge of a pond. A peach tree was over top me. The peach tree that started it all. I began to play images of my first love and me. 

             **~flash back~** 

once I had a boyfriend, his name was Michael Clifford. We had lots of fun together. We met by accidently picking the same peach from a peach tree. We always make cupcakes and sweets together. One day,he said he felt sick. He said he was in pain. He laid down and cried. I snuggled against him. We went to the hospital, I almost fell dead when the nurse told me the news. She said my love is dying, that he would die soon, and there is nothing I could do about it. I cried by his side for ages. Then I had an idea. I would try to make him smile and forget pain, maybe he would stay! I tried it and he stayed! He said he was still in pain, but he was happier. One day,on his birthday,we sat by the peach tree where we first met. He laid his head on my shoulder and said "I have something to tell you" I asked him "yes?" In a happy tone. He was dieing, but he kissed me and said " I love you" "I love you too" I replied with tears in my eyes. He then laid in the grass and I looked into his eyes and he looked into mine. That was the last time I saw those beautiful eyes open.They slowly closed,he was gone. I curled up beside him in the grass,and laid there beside him for hours. I fell asleep beside him. Then I woke up and I was in the hospital. I heard voices from doctors but I ignored them. I walked out of the hospital room and the nurse stopped me. She said my talent would work on other people, and help them stay a little bit longer.

                          **~end of flash back~**

i looked down at the water,tears streaming down my face. I looked at the peach tree and saw all the good memories. I picked a peach from the tree and put it beside where we met, which was also where he died. I looked at it one more time and Walked back toward the town, with tears in my eyes❂❁

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