Being lost and in pain for a long time is such a hard time. Alexandra just wants to fit in everywhere she goes but it never works for her. She meets a new best friend and then he Changes on her in the middle of the school year.


1. Prologue

"Alexandra! Your music taste is like screamo or some shit what the fuck is wrong with you? Are you depressed or maybe suicidal haha!" The bullies shout at me in class

  "It's not screamo" I whisper in a faint tone.  

"Oh really bitch let me see your phone!" Zack grabs my book bag and searches for my phone as I try to pull it away from him.  

"Please stop!" I get shoved to the ground by one of his friends and I steadily get back up and grab my bag and make a run for it. As I'm running I could hear their foot steps hitting the solid ground behind me. I make a sharp turn out the door of the school and just kept  running as their footsteps become faint and that I see I'm in the middle of a forest.  

The birds and bugs making their sounds as they hear me walking on branches that crunch as I step on leaves that crackle. I'm out of breathe and petrified. I'm scared of school again Jacob why would he do this too me. I thought we...forget it I fell to the ground clenching my book bag crying.   I'm the same weirdo and loser I was before....nothing has changed what so ever. I should just..die.

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