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92. Coming home

92# Coming home w/Louis

Note - I made a english essay on 15 minuts on 1032 words. be proud.

t had been a very long day at work. You were overwhelmed with papers and projects so getting home and curling up on the couch with a cup of tea was a relief. You changed into sweats, and immediately collapsed in the living room, surfing channels. After the third time through, you finally accepted that there really was nothing on. Annoyed, you settled on some stupid reality show as background noise and decided to call Louis.

"Hey love," he picked up quickly.

"Lou—" you started, but he interrupted.

"Y/N, I really can’t talk. Can I call you a bit later?"

"Um. Yeah. That’s okay," you said, "Actually. No big deal. Don’t bother."

"Alright. Bye!" he said.

You hung up. You were a bit hurt by the minimal effort he put into talking to you but you brushed it off. He was on tour and he had responsibilities. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to talk to you. With nothing else to do, you decided going to sleep was the best option and made your way to your room. It wasn’t going to be easy going yet another night without him.


You woke up flustered—your alarm hadn’t gone off. Then you realized it was Saturday. You could sleep in. You yawned to yourself, rolling back over in bed right when your phone rang. 

"Mhmmm?" you mumbled, still waking up.

"Hi Y/N," your boss, great, "Would you mind coming in today? We need you in a meeting."

It killed you but you’d worked hard for your position in the company, so you agreed.

Rolling out of bed, you looked in the mirror. Your makeup was all over your face and your hair was crazy. You definitely couldn’t get away with going showerless. You walked to the bathroom, turning on the shower and stripping down. You waited until steam covered the mirror before getting in because you liked your showers hot.

You nearly fell asleep a few times in the hot running water and probably spent 20 minutes just standing there, putting off another day at work. You were in the middle of washing your hair when the door bell rang. You ignored it. A few minutes later it rang again. Annoyed, you shut off the shower, grabbed a towel and walked to the door.

You glanced through the peephole but someone was covering it, that made you nervous. They rang again and you replied “Who is it?” through the door. No answer.

Using one hand to hold the towel around your body, you turned the door knob and cracked the door opened. Your jaw dropped.

"Lou?" you swung the door open wide, revealing your beautiful blue eyed boy.

"In the flesh, love," he smiled.

"What are you doing here?"

"Break for the tour," he said "Are you going to invite me in?"

"I don’t need to," you laughed "You’re going to come inside even if I don’t ask you to."

"That is very true," he smiled, coming through the door before turning and wrapping his arms around you "I missed you so much, love."

"I missed you, too, Lou," you smiled, standing on your tiptoes to give him a quick kiss.

"Looks like you’ve been waiting, too," he smirked, eyeing the towel, the only thing covering you.

"In your dreams," you teased.

"Oh it definitely is," he leaned in to kiss you again, running his hands to your waist, "Why don’t we lose the towel?" he smirked as he worked his way down to kissing your neck.

"Lou, I have to go to work," you said.

"On a Saturday? Come on, call in sick," he continued to kiss your neck.

You pulled away, put your hand on his cheek, “Lou. Work,” you kissed him again.

"Alright, alright. Later?" a mischievous grin found its way to his face.



Work had not been nearly as difficult knowing you had Louis to come home to. You’d picked up Thai on the way home, knowing how much he loved it. You wanted tonight to be amazing, and you couldn’t wait to pick up where you’d left off.

You walked through the door, “I’m back!” you shouted. No response. Setting the food down on the counter, you walked through the living room, dining room, kitchen. You found him in the bedroom, fast asleep. It must’ve been a long trip home. You could tell he’d be out for awhile so you went and helped yourself to the food, leaving a note for when he woke up telling him to help himself. You showered again, read your book a bit, before you noticed it was pretty late so you climbed in bed with him.

He was still completely passed out. You leaned over him, kissing his forehead and pushing his hair out of his face. You loved him so much. Curling up next to him, you agreed that you could wait until tomorrow to pick up your encounter from earlier. All you needed right now was to know he was next to you.

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