Everything is ending


1. Everything is ending

Everything is ending

and so is my time here

everyone is leaving

with all their hopes and dreams

and my time has come

to say goodbye


I don’t want to go

I don’t want to leave

I don’t want to find

myself a new home

I don’t want to be left all alone

I don’t want to farewell

the ones I got to love

I don’t want to forget

all that I was told

I don’t want to think about the future

I want to stay here till the world ends


so my heart is sinking

but I have no regret

just that one thought in my head

how could I leave it all behind

how could I find my way out

how could this all passed so fast

how could I love something this much

but it all will always have a place in my heart


guess today it is the day

that I learned it does end someday

but why does it have to be today

can’t we just find another day

I could make reservation

for this time next year

maybe I’d be ready then


so with the emptiness inside

I’m saying goodbye to all these times

it’s been tough years

but I wouldn’t change them anyway


it was the year of firsts

and now is the week of lasts

I said hello and now I have to say goodbye

the tears in my eyes and the sadness in heart

have no power to set it right


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