You Can Tell Her But Not Him

This story is about a girl named Mya,who gets abused and put down everyday. read more.


1. The Humiliation

            I awoke to a screaming sound in the living room. It was my STEPMOM!!!   I was so scared i did not want to even get out of my room.  But she came in screaming at me saying,Mya get your butt out of this room and go down to the basement right this instant!!! When you go down to the basement you are going to lick the floor clean,do you understand me?   Yes marry. Now go!!  Mya get up here now!! Yes maam.   Go take a shower because you wont shut up about it  but,you have to use the cold water if you want to. okay...  A couple minutes later my brother came in and just watched me and i just tried to tell marry but, she just said get over it!!      So the next day i went to school . And the nurse called me in to talk about my bruises. So i had to make up an excuse because if i told someone about it marry would beat me half to death and not feed me till next month. So I told the nurse that i fell off my bike.      When i got home Marry came up to me and started to say how ugly i was and that i will never have a future and that im not going to live to be even ten years old and thats only five more years to live...       So all of a sudden i run downstairs  to my bed (a blanket)  And iget a hammer and i take a swing at Marry but she ducked and threw glass at my head and i passed out and when i awoke i was in a...

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