The internet has become a fundamental tool, but is it ruling our lives?


1. DoubleUDOT

We’re connected by small words on fictional paper

Pens are hard graft

Given advice by mallards

Casually Chuck our faith away to bow to Him

Sprites of the digital age, nothing more and nothing less

Represented by a quick biography

A smidgen of our personal selves plastered wildly

on every message board

Intentional comments left for the eye of an opposing opinion

Internet, y u no make us unite?

Conflict is what you thrive on, and we’re addicted

You’re a class A

We love you for it.


We’re connected through social content

Dark images and abrasive video consummate my mind

into perpetual sickness

The silent PC abuse given

Rain down emotional tyranny upon the community

Get me a Mac to prevent the evil seeping through

Reveal my true self to myself; something I didn’t know would be nice

You FAIL to disappoint

Physical existence is left planking on a narrow beam

Dissociative identity disorder of the digital age

The Sprite needed an update

This is now Us

We love you for it.


lik dis if u cry evertim. 

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