Back For You (OneDIrection FanFiction)

Taylor Maclaren is 19 years old and is finishing university in London to become a makeup artist. She goes to a Global Gathering event where her life changes.


1. Global Gathering

Taylor's P.O.V

I wake up as usual.


"Yes! It's saturday!" I scream out loud.


I stand up from my bed and go into the bathroom. I take a shower and blow dry my dirty blond hair. Then I put my hair into a bun and apply mascara. Then I go to my walk-in closet and take out a floral dress and brown flip-flops. Before walking out I grab my old fashioned school bag in the color same as my flip-flops and head out. The local park where the Global Gathering event was held wasn't far away from my house so I just walked there. 




When I arrived there, there were a lot of people. I could't see where I was going but I knew I was heading towards the food court. 



Hello! This is the first chapter it is very short I promise other ones will be MUCH longer but if you liked it please favorite and like it. I also have other Movella's so please check them out. Thank You <3 


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