what love does to you??

i wrote it in an english lesson in yr11. our teacher gave us a photo off a dark alley and we had to write a short story about the photo. me being a directioner had to make it fit with the boys. I really wanted to read it out in my lesson but i didn't want to cause there were some twats in my class and i know i would off gotten the piss taken out off me.. hope you like it.. please tell me what you think?


1. what love does to you??

Louis could tell that Eleanor was upset. She had tears flowing down her moderately rouged cheeks on to her bright pink shiny lips. Louis managed to catch her tears before they fell onto her glistening, figure hugging salmon satin dress.

He whispered in her ear “I will ring you ever day; I will send you texts constantly. I love you Eleanor,” he then walked away. He was so terrified to leave his girlfriend behind. He had the taste of Eleanor’s strawberry flavoured lipstick on his lips; he didn’t want to lick them, this was because he didn’t want to think of leaving her behind whilst he was on tour with the other band members.  

Niall, Zayn, Liam and Harry could tell that Louis wanted to be left alone on the journey to HMV Hammersmith Apollo. Louis just sat in the dark corner with a grey pixel like jumper with his hood up. He also had his iPod headphones in his delicate soft pink ears; he had playing, full blast, a playlist that has all Eleanor’s favourite songs.  He had tears curving down his face. Harry saw he was really upset and gave Louis a hug. It was later that month that the boys got time off, the tour, to go back home.

As Louis walked down the dark, gloomy alley to surprise his girlfriend, at the night café, where she worked.  He herded a blackbird crow; something in his head clicked and he knew something was wrong.

As he opened the old heavy castle like creaking door he heard Eleanor’s laugh, his face suddenly went from a scared little boy to the biggest cheek to cheek smile ever, on his face.

As Louis shut the door he heard his best mate, harry styles, voice, “Eleanor I don’t think we should kiss or you should be sitting on me, if Louis finds out he will be devastated!” Louis looked out the corner of his eye he saw Eleanor sitting on harry’s lap.

 Louis said angrily “Eleanor If I was you I’d think you should get up off harry and leave him alone.”

“I’m so sorry; I don’t know what came over me. I have just felt so lonely with you being on tour, I just wanted someone to have fun with. I really do love you.” She said menially.

 You could tell in her voice that she meant it. You could also tell that she meant it when her eyes started to well up.

 Louis then said “well you should off thought of how it would make me feel when I found out. Also why choose my best mate; you know how much he means to me. He wouldn’t dare do anything to hurt me, letter lone with my girlfriend who I love and who I was going to ask to marry me.”Louis then left the room. He had tears in his eyes. He was so angry at Eleanor he ended up punching the old castle like heavy door. He had tears of pain rolling down his face when harry came out to find where he was. Harry said “mate I was going to tell you when I saw you. It’s not fair let’s get you to hospital to look at those knuckles.”

As they were walking away Louis got a text, it was from Eleanor. He just ignored it and put it back into his pocket.

Harry could tell that Louis was so angry just by looking into his eyes. Louis started to shake, with anger, and harry could feel water, like as if he had left a tap on, it was in fact Louis he started to cry. Tears started to roll down his face like a river. They both walked into the distance.

Harry helped Louis walk out of A&E the next day after the doctor said “Louis you do need an operation on those knuckles, you have badly broke them when you punched the door in anger. We can do the operation today, so you don’t have to stay in hospital.”  

Louis had a blue and white striped top on with blue chinos and toms. He also had his hand in an orange bandage.

  Harry decided to tell Eleanor that Louis had broken his knuckles in anger.  Eleanor was so angry at herself, that she caused the one person that she has always love and have loved to hurt themselves over a stupid mistake that she should off never done. She kept on texting him and ringing him, he just kept on ignoring her. He didn’t want to speak to her after what she had done. 

Louis kept on having flashbacks. All he could remember was their first date in the park. She had on light denim shorts, a cute pair of black sandals and an off white three quarter length blouse. He had on a typical white and navy stripe top with baby pink shorts and a pair of navy toms. They always went to the local park, they had loads of fun. He can remember that he had never laughed so much in his life over such silly little things. He then put his right arm around her skinny waste.   

The next week Louis had decided, with some help of harry, to let Eleanor explain why she cheated on him.

That day came so fast Louis didn’t know what to say or do. He asked Zayn to come with him, as he couldn’t drive and he wanted someone to help him calm down, if he got angry.

Zayn kept quite whilst Louis and Eleanor talked. Zayn only had to step in once. This was due to Louis nearly slapping Eleanor’s natural looking cheeks.  

Zayn decided that it would be better if they left it for a little longer. Eleanor was left sniffling.  The next day the boy’s had a meeting with their management. Louis tried to hide the fact that he had been heartbroken by the only girl he has loved.

The management team had known the boys for two years and knew that Louis wasn’t himself. Louis was normally a happy bubbly character and could make any situation funny. 

Simon said in a caring voice to Louis “Louis, I think you need a break. Why don’t sort it out the problem you have. It’s not fair on you and the boys and I don’t like seeing you like the way you are.”


Louis decided to go to Porta Ven Tura, with his cousin, just to get away from the whole situation.

Whilst Louis and his cousin were on holiday, he had decided to set a date, just him and Eleanor to sort it out for a last time.

Louis rang Eleanor and said” we need to sort this out. It’s not fair on me and you. I haven’t been myself since this happened. We do have to sort it out. There will always be a place for you in my heart, I love you and will always love you but I don’t know if we could be like we were before this whole thing happened. I still wanna keep in contact but if we did figure this out then we need to take it slow and take it one day at a time. I love Eleanor and I hope you love me too.”

After Louis and Eleanor sorted it out, Louis became his bubbly caring and always hyper self.

Louis managed to join the boys for the last month of the tour. All off the boys were happy to see him and gave him the biggest hug ever.

Niall said” Louis I hope you know that we are all here for you and if you need anything then we are all here for you, even if it’s at two in the morning.”

As Niall finished speaking the stage doors opened. And you could not hear anything due to the roaring crowds.




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