Dimension Jumper

4 Dimesions One life. Travel through dimensions o complete puzzles and to explore the unknown!

First of the Series!


1. Prologue

*Bang!* I roll out of bed as a light flickers on. The corner of my eye can only see white space and nothing else, I was too tired to stand up as I cautiously lifted my head up. I was stranded. Stranded, in a cramped steel room.


I struggled to stand up but i couldn't. I felt the gravity pushing down on me like a bully at school shoving people to the floor. I held tightly to the hard uncomfortable bed as i pushed all of my weight on one arm as i barely stood up on my feet. I held onto the metal wall as i limped towards the copper door. I shoved the handle down, and with a small creak it flew open. I tripped onto the tattered carpet in the next room as i floated in mid air! There was no gravity in this room, literally no gravity! I floated around like i was in a space simulator. I reached for the next handle as it swung open.


As soon as i crossed past the door I jolted to a halt as i fell down onto the ground. I brushed my dark green uniform as it was covered in dust, the end door immediately slammed open surprisingly slow as a yellow, slimy, deadly, one eyed monster jumped towards me in slow motion, 'That will give me enough time!' I thought to myself. I ran over to the door as I slid underneath the monster. The monster landed with a long thud and turned around. It was too late I was already at the door. As quick as I could I slammed the door shut and locked it with a small key on the floor.


I was in a small room with a glowing gleaming portal on the side wall. I sprinted through. What will there be?

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