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"Baby, They Don't Know About Us" is a fan-fiction of a relationship between Liam Payne and a model called Ariana. But what will happen when Ariana is forced into a relationship with Harry Styles, when no one know's that Liam and her are dating. Time will only tell until this love triangle is revealed.

Please note I also have this story on so if you see it on there by someone called ayms_1d it is me!!!!


1. Diary Entry: 25th of January 2013

25th of January 2013

Dear Diary

Today is actually the first time I've ever written a diary entry, I never usually have time for this sort of thing with my hectic life, but my best friend Kayleigh bought me this gorgeous diary with a few other things for my birthday and well I wanted to put it to good use.

Well lets start off by jotting down a few things about me:

- My name is Ariana Julietta Williams (don't laugh at my middle name though I would if I wasn't me... I hate it. geez stupid parents!)

- My birthday is the 27th of November 1994

- I'm currently eighteen

- My mum is English

- My dad is from Perth like me

- I'm one of four, and well my parents like kind of unique names. I had an older sister Scarletta (21), a younger sister Myla (14) and a younger brother Bentley (9), but they live in Perth and I miss them all like mad!

- I'm going on a holiday to Perth in a 95 days and I'm so excited, and as you can see I'm already counting down

- My career is modelling 

- I was diagnosed with bulimia when I was 13, I have the occasional thing here and there now but its rare and I'm a lot better than I used to be. 

- I've moved around a bit not as in with guys, I'm not a slut... I mean like places:
< I'm originally from Perth, Western Australia
< When I was 5 I moved to Melbourne, Victoria
< When i was 8 I moved to Paris, France
< When I was 10 I moved to Milan, Italy
< When I was 11 I moved to Hawaii 
< When I was 13 I moved back to Perth, Western Australia
< When I was 15 I moved to New York to start my career
< And I've been living in London for about 3 months now

- I hate making friends because as you can see I've moved a lot and I hate leaving them all behind

- Kayleigh is from Perth and we were best friends when we were little and then we became best friends again when I moved back to Perth. Both of our families took us to New York to help start out careers and when we were eighteen we both moved to London together as we both got offered jobs here and now we're house mates now.

- I can play the guitar

- I started dancing when I was 3 and I never gave it up everywhere we moved to and I finished about a year ago as I had to focus on my modelling. I'm not trying to sound up myself but I'm an amazing dancer. I've been told I could make it big in the dance industry but I chose modelling instead.

- I am currently secretly dating Liam Payne from One Direction and only Kayleigh, Zayn Malik and of course me and Liam know. We aren't ready for all the backlash yet. We've only been together for about 3 weeks but I really do like him and I hope it works out between us.
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